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Perfumed waters and light fragrances: the must-haves for this season

Whether on the beach or in the city, here are the 10 spring fragrances you should pack in your beauty case

With the arrival of spring, it's time to declutter our beauty case and decide what perfumes to put in it. But which one should it be? Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, cologne or perfume water? Let us try to shed some light on this tricky question. First of all, during the hot season, it is best to opt for something fresh and light. If you already have your favourite perfume, you can try its light version. However, not all fragrances are suitable for daytime wear, especially in the warm months. The reason is simple: alcohol can irritate skin exposed to sun, salt and sweat. Therefore, you should rather go for oils or fragrances that are lighter and gentler. Oils have a dual function: they moisturise and scent without being greasy and leaving a halo on your clothes. However, they do not have a sun protection factor, so it is always better to apply a cream with SPF. Scented waters, on the other hand, are fresh and light, perfect for spring and summer. They are alcohol-free and can also be worn safely during the day. Moreover, because they are light, they can be sprayed all over the body.


For spring evenings, the choice can also be cologne or eau de toilette. Cologne is ideal because it revolves around citrus and has a very low concentration (around 4-6%), making it light but intense. Eau de Toilette, on the other hand, is the classic perfume that you use every day: It has a concentration of about 10% and is more olfactory consistent, but can be a bit heavy in hot weather, especially on tanned skin. If you can not part with your favourite perfume, it's best to wear it in the evening, while during the day it's best to go for alcohol-free versions.

Are you ready? Here are the fragrances you should choose for SS 2023: