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The 10 beauty trends spotted at Paris Fashion Week

Silver, arched crops and lots of eyeliner triumph

The 10 beauty trends spotted at Paris Fashion Week Silver, arched crops and lots of eyeliner triumph

If designers in Milan focused on everyday make-up and bold hair, the opposite happens at Paris Fashion Week. As the last stop on the long marathon of the 2023 2024 autumn-winter fashion shows, the Ville Lumière wows with beauty details you can try right now. We have put together our 10 highlights that you will fall in love with!

Beauty trend: the oval eyeliner by Dior

A trailblazer on the Paris catwalks, the Maison stunned with new codes of femininity. Inspiration came from Catherine Dior, the fashion designer's younger sister and his muse for the creation of the famous Miss Dior perfume. Catherine was a strong, courageous and free woman who made the phrase non, je ne regrette rien her motto in life. The make-up, created by Peter Philips, Dior's Creative and Image Director, also celebrates these feminine codes through a piercing but unfinished smokey eye that contrasts strongly with the fresh complexion thanks to its oval outline. To create the look, the beauty team used the 5 Coleurs Couture 079 Black Bow palette and Dior Show H24 Stylo 091 Matte Black Mascara for the upper and lower lash lines. To top it off, the hair was tied up in a slightly tousled ponytail and secured with classy accessories and long bows.

Beauty trend: the lower eyeliner in pastel shades by Victoria Beckham

The former Posh Spice says goodbye to black and opts for pastel shades for her models' lower eye rims, with dusty pink tones and saffron yellow. Created by makeup artist Fara Homidi using Victoria Beckham Beauty's EyeWear Longwear Shadow Stick in Macaron and Sunflower, this beautiful and easy to recreate beauty look is royally inspired. Beckham, in fact, opened the archives of Edith Bouvier Beale and Edith Beale, the aunt and cousin, respectively, of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, as recounted in the film Grey Gardens. Eccentric, but not too much so, in perfect Becks style.

Beauty trend: pierced hairstyles and metallic nails by Off-White

Designer Ibrahim Kamara teaches us a new lesson: do not look to the past, aim for the moon. An imaginary moon, his, with silver accents and lots of science fiction as a leitmotif. Make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench embellished the models' faces with more than just silver eyelids. The hair, created by key artist Jawara, caught the eye. They were dotted with metal studs, reminiscent of gears from elsewhere, where man will find his place in the world. Finally, the nails stood out with a mirror effect, always silver, confirming that they will not go out of fashion easily, not even in the near future.

Beauty trend: conceptual make-ups by Vivienne Westwood, in homage to Madame

Make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench, together with creative director Andreas Kronthaler, also pays tribute to fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, who passed away a few months ago, with her make-up. Each look is a love letter to Madame's way of doing make-up, from the graphic stripes that break up the face, to the double pencil on the lips, to the dabs of colour imperfectly dabbed on the eyelids and cheeks with the fingertips.

Beauty trend: eyeliner as a tie on Valentino's face

"An intense line to transcend conventions." This is how the fashion house describes the eyeliner chosen for the fashion show, which stands out for its resemblance to a tie in the middle of a shirt. Just Black Tie is the title of the fashion show, and the make-up is meant to remind us how much the codes of the fashion and beauty worlds are increasingly connected.

Beauty trend: Coperni and Miu Miu's tousled hair

It's a hair like when we just woke up from bed, but so artfully done. At Coperni, the half-tail done the night before is not tousled, but accented with a touch of dry shampoo to freshen it up, leaving out the baby hair. At Miu Miu, on the other hand, the hair is a la Tutti pazzi per Mary: with a tousled topknot upwards as a sign of nonchalance and well-being, even if you have only been awake for a few minutes.

Beauty trend: the euphoric eyes of Kiko Kostadinov and Louis Vuitton

One has black spider lashes with white flecks, the other adorns the eyes with rhinestones sparkling all over. The two designers, though opposites in style, pick up on the precious, eye-catching looks brought to the fore by the TV Euphoria range. A detail that is more of a jewel for the look, applied with a little cosmetic glue (and a lot of skill).

Beauty trend: the looks of the perfect mademoiselle by Chanel



Eyes edged with an imperfect smokey eyes, with black sometimes metallic flicks, and hair with a slightly wet texture, gathered in half-tails disheveled in the sign of French effortlessness. To complete, a camellia instead of an elastic, placed by key artis James Pecis at the nape of the neck to be hyper visible. An ode to today's Mademoiselle, who loves to be noticed even if she doesn't look too perfect.


Beauty trend: bleached eyebrows by Balmain



There is nude look and nude look. What paraded on the maison's runway is a makeup that is both there and not there but luminous, with a leading light point from the cheekbones to the temples. But with a twist: the eyebrows are the ones of the moment, namely bleached, completely bleached. In this specific case they go for elegance, as well as giving a Fifties touch, like the peplums of the collection itself.


Beauty trend: the new wet look according to Saint Laurent



We are not given to know what eye makeup is hiding under the extra black sunglasses. But the peach-colored cheekbones and the lips lacquered in the same shade, anticipate the hair trend: a low, pulled-back chignon, neatly combed back by glossy gel.