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Our 7 beauty highlights at Milan Fashion Week

At the FW23/24 Milan fashion shows, we witnessed bold makeup and futuristic hair

Our 7 beauty highlights at Milan Fashion Week At the FW23/24 Milan fashion shows, we witnessed bold makeup and futuristic hair

Welcome back euphoria! Milan Fashion Week's autumn- winter 2023 2024 catwalks have just ended, and the make-up and hair trends that will dominate next season (but which no one is forbidding us to show immediately) have been revealed. The desire for redemption is there and you can feel it in the mascara-encrusted eyes and hairstyles chosen by the beauty teams to enhance the Made-in-Italy designer shows even more. A return to the desire to go out, always looking forward, underlined by bold, often languorous eyes and liquid hair as an ode to self-confidence. But also unmistakable shine on the skin for a natural effect. Let us take a detailed look at the 7 trends you can now experience for face and hair straight from the catwalks in Milan. We fell in love with them at first sight.

Beauty trend: Moschino

When you think of the most irreverent show of fashion week, the Jeremy Scott-led brand inevitably comes to mind. His Aristo punk girl has been doing the rounds on the internet, thanks in part to the crystal-covered bras and in part to the wigs reminiscent of 1960s London punks. It took Paul Hanlon three months to make the wigs, all of which are made of human hair extensions that he handcrafted with his team at Moschino's headquarters in Milan. To give the combs a heavy effect, stiff and wet, he used the combination of hairspray and straightening iron. For make-up, on the other hand, the team at MAC Cosmetics lent a hand with kabuki to make the eyes languish and rock. First, he applied a liquid eyeliner to create an implied comma in line with the grooves. Then he used moisturisers to give the models' faces a glow and finished with barely-there cheeks. A similar mood prevailed for the nails Massimo Albini created for Opi with the best-selling nail polish Lady in Black. The secret? The shape is super short, as a sign of practicality, albeit with a touch of boldness.

Beauty trend: Gucci

The brand's team is experiencing the coolest transition in history. Far from the aesthetic of Alessandro Michele, it is preparing to welcome the work of new designer Sabato De Sarno. That's why the beauty look reflects this unexciting moment, with natural complexions warmed up only in the shadow areas and a touch of coral on the lips or bold, electric blue on some models' faces. Hair follows the wave: there are shorts, shags and mullets, all textured, but also braids with glittery clips that hint at Gucci's G, or daisies in homage to the nineties.

Beauty trend: Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani and make-up artist Linda Cantello agree on one thing: make-up is an act of intimacy that we perform when we get ready in front of the mirror before going out. The best way to do this is with an elegant and light make-up like powder. Powder, like the name of the fashion collection and like the colours that stroll down the catwalk, is as intangible as the lingerie you wear in your own personal boudoir. And powder is also what you should always have in your handbag, for a quick touch-up, as the model closing the show suggests. The make-up is feminine and plays with cool pink tones, which are seen on the cheeks and temples as well as on the lips. The eyes are languid and protagonists, thanks to the mix of black kohl and eyeshadow with pastel colours, for a refined and discreet look, in homage to the Milanese brand itself.

Beauty trend: Dolce & Gabbana

On the catwalk of the Sicilian creative duo, an evergreen trend is on stage: the combination of red lipstick, eyeliner and chignon, in tribute to the divas of the 60s. But with a twist: the skin is ethereal, cloud effect, and is combined with an almost vinyl cat eye matched to the mouth, hyper sensual, wet effect. The hair styling is super refined: a pulled-up crop. 

Beauty trend: Luisa Spagnoli

The artistic team led by Luciano Chiarello, of Julian Watson Agency, for Korff Milano, takes us on a plunge into the 1990s. The faux minimalism of the collection, punctuated by the primary colors of yellow, red, orange, blue, fuchsia and olive green, a symbol of elegant rebellion, also highlights the models' faces. The eyes were made magnetic by smokey eyes in warm shades of gold and browns. Starting with pencil, the make-up artists drew and structured the shape of the eye, outlining above, below and inside, and then went on to intensify the hollow as well. Finally, a touch of black mascara for volume effect.

Beauty trend: Diesel

Go beyond the idea of painting your body pink, blue and gold to look cool. Body painting, the one according to Diesel created by make-up artist Inge Grognard, is an ode to inclusivity. A sublime fascination of exalting one's silhouette, starting from the head and going all the way down to the tips of the toes. If then, as in this case, the message is sex awareness, that's when the lubricated effect of the models' bodies becomes a delightful alert about the importance of protecting oneself.

Beauty trend: N°21

A contemporary Monica Vitti enters the stage of N°21, dressed in layers so as not to endure too much cold or too much heat. The intangibility of the petticoat dresses and soft cardigans is contrasted by the make-up, clean on the skin and rocking on the eyes. Kiko Milano's make-up artist, Karim Rahman, used just a little concealer where needed. Under the eye and in the upper rhyme, he hinted at black kohl and smudged it at the end. And no mascara. The hair is an inspiration for today's divas: artfully tousled, with a next-day effect, it was tucked into strings of pearls. The look created by Anthony Turner for Toni&Guy suggests only one thing: a longing for sensuality with subtle eroticism, in the style of Michelangelo Antonioni's cult film La Notte.