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The beauty trends to watch out for in 2023

From Glossy Skin to Experimental Blush, all the winter make-up trends to try in the new year

The beauty trends to watch out for in 2023 From Glossy Skin to Experimental Blush, all the winter make-up trends to try in the new year

The new year will see the confirmation of already strong trends, such as the glow effect complexion, and the return of great classics such as dark lips, which in recent seasons had given way to brighter colours such as red, and eyeliner, which has always been a tool of seduction. "Gothic chic" is definitely back in the world of beauty, with a revival of the dark aesthetic: for winter 2023, the warm colours of foliage and earth, typical of the season, give way to dark and intense nuances ranging from burgundy to violet to black. The skin is always shiny and luminous, with a mirror effect: the first step is to focus on skincare and primers, always starting from the base; the effect obtained is that of a somewhat "wet", "dewy" skin, which smells more of moisturised than wet. Not only make-up and skincare, the 2023 beauty trends also explore the world of hairstyle, with the return of lead effect straight hair or gemini hair, or the French Shag.

This is why, we have selected the 5 trends that will accompany us next winter in make-up, hair and skincare:


Glossy Skin Effect

Perfect skin, clean, without visible pores, translucent, luminous, like a piece of glass in fact. The strengths are undeniable, because the result is make-up that looks truly natural, despite being constructed down to the smallest detail. To achieve this, the first step is skincare. Ad hoc products and hydration are the secret of glowing skin, then a blemish-free base, to be created with a covering but luminous foundation, far from the masks of yesteryear. Highlighters and blush enhance the right spots and warm up where needed, to achieve that bonne mine effect that celebrities also love.


French Shag Hair

Light, frayed, "softening" and at the same time, feisty: this is the cut à la française, the "French shag", strictly with open fringes. Frayed ends but never empty, jaunty lengths, soft but not romantic, rather, gritty volumes. Imperative: fringe. Similarly light, barely visible, casual, mock dishevelled, always elegant. And even, if desired, sexy.


Gothic Chic

Gothic beauty does not only play with a classic like black, but is articulated through romantic and fetish, metal and punk suggestions. The effect is an intense and decisive beauty look, which plays with the colour of the lips, but also with the contrasts of the eye make-up. The merit is the versatility of black, which allows it to be combined with any other nuance. The perfect combination, of course, is with red, to create a contrast with a decidedly punk-rock flavour. Not to be underestimated, of course, is the sophistication of the darker shades, perfect for creating graphic designs that seem to be inspired by lace, the gothic element par excellence.


Statement Liner

Graphic" eyes have been a strong trend for a long time and will still be popular for winter with multiple winged eyeliners, very popular at the moment. It can come in different versions, finishes and modes, all of which require a steady hand and great precision. If you are not very skilful, you will have to do some trial and error before showing off your multi-wing eyeliner done to perfection!

Experimental Blush

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Blush is definitely more visible this season and worn in all sorts of different ways, whether as an outline, slanted up to the temples for a bolder look, or more dreamy C-shaped from the temples to the highest point of the cheekbone. Also not to be underestimated is the "sunburnt" look in which blush is applied to the cheeks and also passed over the bridge of the nose, perfect for winter to give tired skin a boost.