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Why you should know your pelvic floor better

Functions and care strategies for a functional part of the body for wellness

Why you should know your pelvic floor better Functions and care strategies for a functional part of the body for wellness

Hearing about the existence of the pelvic floor for the first time can definitely be enlightening, because in that collection of muscles-tendons-ligaments and nerves located at the base of the abdominal cavity reside a variety of functions that are very important for female sexual well-being. The pelvic floor must support the pelvic organs and ensure continence of the urethral and rectal sphincters, ensure sexual and reproductive function, and is involved along with other structures in maintaining pelvic statics and posture. To perform these functions best, the pelvic floor must be toned but also elastic. We women from childbearing age onward need to start taking care of the health of our pelvic floor in order to prevent a variety of functional deficits that we may face as we get older, both from childbirth and then menopause, but also for greater awareness towards our own body and sexual well-being. Let's find out how to tone the pelvic floor, keep it elastic and hydrated.


Toning the pelvic floor

Like all parts of the body, a toned pelvic floor is a more functional and aesthetically beautiful pelvic floor. Although not visible, the benefits of toned pelvic muscles are mainly those of incontinence prevention, prevention of prolapse of pelvic organs such as the bladder,uterus and rectum. Another aspect not to be ignored is that a toned pelvic floor makes the quality of sexual intercourse better and thus improves orgasmic sensitivity. 

How to make the pelvic floor more toned?

There are several methods. The oldest is to perform Kegel Exercises at least with repetitions of 90-100 contractions per day. It is important to have an empty bladder, the exercises can be done in any position, supine is best at first. On inhalation corresponds a relaxation of the pelvic muscles, and on exhalation corresponds a pelvic contraction, comparable to an upward sucking of the perineum and a sucking of the umbilicus toward the back. One holds this contraction for a few seconds until the end of the exhalation. The recovery and then relaxation phase is important, as with any exercise. The total number of contractions should be divided over the day, like 3x10, 3 times a day. 

Pelvic muscle training balls are also an optical ally for the goal of having a toned pelvic floor, and can supplement Kegel exercises. The balls range in weight from 37g to 80-100g. These seemingly intimidating tools can be very comfortable, allowing a gradual workout, starting with the lightest ball and holding it in the vagina for a limited time, then progressing with time and then weight. It is essential to wear the ball while performing an activity, such as housework, shopping or a walk. The weight exerted by the ball on the pelvic muscles activates a proprioceptive process of the structures that are stimulated to tone.

Another very stimulating and toning tool for the pelvic muscles are vibration aids associated with voluntary stretch and strain, "contract and relax," movement. The vibrations serve to give additional stimulus to the muscle structures to achieve the result of increased toning and sensitivity more quickly.

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Elastic & Moisturized: two key adjectives for your pelvic floor

Our skin as well as our mucous membranes need continuous hydration, so it is good to get into the good habit of moisturizing the genitals daily after showering or bidet. It is important to elasticize vulvar and vaginal tissue and muscles to prevent and resolve unpleasant situations of sexual pain and discomfort, which may be normal as well as not, but also daily. Maintaining good hydration and lubrication means maintaining the correct Ph to prevent fungal infections and cystitis.

Perfect tissue elasticity makes sexual intercourse more pleasurable, but also prevents birth lacerations and pain, dryness in menopause. Performing simple vulvar and vaginal massages should become a good habit for us women to achieve better tissue quality and thus greater well-being. On the other hand, these massages become absolutely mandatory in pregnancy to arrive at delivery with optimal tissue and muscle elasticity for the prevention of tearing and episiotomy. They are equally recommended in menopause when due to estrogen deficiency the tissues lose collagen and elastin fibers, thus becoming stiffer, less elastic and less hydrated. This condition can cause relationship pain and discomfort in daily life. Here's how to easily perform external genital massages:

1.  Perform a massage of the external genitalia, vulva, labia minora and labia majora, clitoral hood by applying pressure, with a cream or oil (preferably one with hyaluronic acid). The goal is to make the tissue softer, activate blood circulation and stimulate collagen production.

2.   Perform stretching at the entrance to the vulva, about 1.5 cm. You can use your thumb if done alone or your partner's index finger. It is important to press at the three points indicated for at least 30 seconds per point, to the limit of pain. The goal of this treatment is to promote elasticity. 

3.  Perform a U-shaped massage from the right side to the left side. Enter about 2-2.5cm into the vagina reaching the pelvic muscles. Practice fiber friction to relax the muscles.

These massages should be done 2-3 times a week; the most favorable position is semi-sitting on the bed and bidet and using the thumb finger. If the massage is performed by the partner, he/she may use the index finger. It is important to perform the self-massage with a nourishing and moisturizing cream or oil. 

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Muscle relaxation

In cases where the pelvic muscles (which can be palpated about 2-2.5 from the vaginal entrance) are very contracted and sore, manual pelvic massage can be combined with a massage performed with a low-frequency vibrating instrument that laid gently on the painful spot relaxes and relaxes the painful fibers (trigger point).