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How to you make a skincare routine a powerful energy ritual?

Keys Soulcare is changing the narrative about beauty and how we teach it to ourselves

How to you make a skincare routine a powerful energy ritual? Keys Soulcare is changing the narrative about beauty and how we teach it to ourselves

The nature of the term beauty continues to evolve: beyond aesthetic canons and standards to exclusive features, the world of beauty is opening up to embrace positive values that can empower people through the ideas they embody. This aspect is very much present in the world of holistic wellness, which firmly believes in the power of inner beauty to influence outer appearance. In the wake of this vision Keys Soulcare builds its identity. Founded by singer and entrepreneur Alicia Keys in collaboration with dermatologist Dr. Renée Snyder, the brand lands in Italy with clean and cruelty free products perfect for creating true beauty rituals, acting on well-being in touch with the soul and bringing out all the inner radiance. During the conversation with Keys Soulcare President Kory Marchisotto, the profile of a brand in line with the beauty trends of the moment close to Gen-Z emerged, based on finding new fluid and effective routines for all-around wellness. The secret to turning sterile routines into personal rituals is actually intention: thanks to presence in the moment of sel-care and motivational phrases to repeat along, routines become sensory journeys to engage product users in a moment of personal soulcare, Keys Soulcare speaks a new language that will enrapture even the most skeptical.

"Our goal is to make great products accompanied by a positive message accessible to as many people as possible and to approach a conception of beauty to be discovered and emphasized, not to be invasively modified to fit a stereotype. The first step is to figure out what one's definition of beauty is, and the rest takes care of itself. This is our message of women empowerment." 

Growing up in an environment that was not very fertile for women's careers, Kory says she is is determined to amplify the voices of girls who want to follow a unique, different path, starting with their self-concept, beginning with the products they apply to the body's most prevalent organ. That's why during the first meeting with Alicia Keys, one of her first female role models, they didn't talk about business, but about ideas and visions, and then sympathetically recognized each other as two "Goddesses", women convinced that they wanted to give voice to people's needs  in the world of beauty to empower them, giving a greater representation of reality beyond conventional definitions.Younger generations in the post-pandemic era have shown a revulsion toward beauty routines with precise aesthetics and a strict set list of things to do to fit within a definition, so mental well-being has become a more important value than beauty in 2022 according to WGSN reports, mental and emotional well-being has become the main reason Americans exercise, surpassing physical or aesthetic goals for the first time. The famous singer had been the first celebrity to say goodbye to makeup for a long time to get closer to her self, a choice received dubiously by the entertainment world that later inspired the brand and concretized the power of soulcare:

"There is still much to be done to make it clear to the beauty industry the true value of soulcare in the marketplace. We have started a conversation, and we will happily inspire other brands to offer other points of view in how to approach this new vision of beauty. I am interested in the message being amplified in various and different tones of voice that exist, regardless of where we position the brand: from viral videos on TikTok to luxury concept stores everyone with their own language can have access to the benefits of Keys Soulcare." 

A very engaging aspect of the products, in addition to the dermatologically developed natural formulations and the sensory sphere they activate, are the affirmations that Alicia Keys has decided to attach to each product, both on the outer and inner packaging of the product, so that they can be repeated and internalized as a mantra with each use. Some of these are: "I embrace change, I give myself permission to love myself, I awaken my full potential, I'm full of greatness and embrace all possibilities, I let go of what doesn't help me." It's a journey on discovering yourself and your worth. It fills you with light and good vibrations that you can later on share with the world. 

A new self-language to be combined with daily gestures that with the power of habit and awareness can accompany you on a journey toward new positive energies to be felt on you and poured into the world. Last but not least, the sustainable approach applied in the research and production of raw materials is remarkable: the products are certified with the Fair Trade and Cruelty Free labels, two awards that are difficult to obtain because they require third-party involvement within the company's entire supply chain.