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The 5 beauty trends seen at Paris Fashion Week

Baby face triumphs, along with dark looks and bold hair

The 5 beauty trends seen at Paris Fashion Week Baby face triumphs, along with dark looks and bold hair

Paris Fashion Week brings to a close the month dedicated to the fashion shows that presented the Spring-Summer 2023 collections. So many moments we will remember from these shows, from the dress literally "sprayed" on Bella Hadid by Coperni to Cher closing the Balmain runway show, to the return of latex thanks to Victoria Beckham and Saint Laurent. But on the catwalks of the Ville Lumière, noteworthy beauty details also emerge, to be tried on now to be aligned with the evolution of beauty looks on the latest catwalks. 


Baby Face Base

Many might say it's the classic look à la parisienne. But the trend, which has become a real catchphrase thanks to Tik Tok, has a few variations on it. The skin is natural but glows, a lot, and so the glowing complexion steals the show from how beautiful it looks, in classic baby face trend. The skin has dewy details, and basically retires the much-used powder in the past. And Valentino is already launching the new version of it: glow skin but luscious.

Goth look

Punk but chic. Dior was the best forerunner, giving the eyes an extreme black kajal edging, reminiscent of a swallow's tail as it crosses the inner corner of the eyelids. And again Courregès, which reinvents the comma eyeliner, while Dries Van Noten parades a bold eye, edged with an oval line that fits across the entire eyelid. At Chanel, on the other hand, it is the mouth that dictates the trend: black and wet, it drives people crazy with its boldness.


Tails, frisé & Co.

It only takes a little to make hair more interesting than usual. Dior knows this well, which has invented the turn-of-the-season pigtails. Its inspiration is a modern-day Catherine de Medici, who wears lots of pigtails gathered in two sections or liquid smooth fixed by a lock of hair. Saint Laurent also shows sensual crops on the runway, thanks to low, soft tails with a clear 1980s inspiration. Beautiful are the disheveled, friséed crops by Rochas, which are an invitation to return to the Botticelli era by giving the hair a rock twist.


Retro waves

Hair pulls have never been so sophisticated. This is demonstrated by Giambattista Valli, who brings to the stage a wet hair styling, where to be emphasized, in a low ponytail, are the very baby hair that we have not for years been able to stand. Balmain reinterprets the retro through very cool wet effects in the hair, while Coperni parades serrated bangs well encrusted with gel, to keep them from moving in the wind. Finally, Miu Miu, with its pulled, wet chignons with a side parting, disciplines the hair by a headband.


Silver details

Dulcis in fundo there is a precious touch. Silver will dominate, according to the French, our faces. Chloé proposed cut creases made with iridescent eyeshadows while Rochas opted for literally jeweled nails. For Balenciaga, on the other hand, silver is that of piercings, which embellish the skin of its Clean Girls, while AZ Factory proposes a light spot in the center of the lower eyelid of the eye.