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Beauty trends spotted at New York Fashion Week

The Big Apple opens SS23 runway marathon with precious looks and knockout weaves

Beauty trends spotted at New York Fashion Week The Big Apple opens SS23 runway marathon with precious looks and knockout weaves
Cris Fragkou

It's not easy now to see beauty catchphrases springing up on the catwalk, as was the case until a few years ago. Now all inspirations come from Tik Tok, and it is often difficult for designers to surprise. But what we witnessed at New York Fashion Week, the opener of the long marathon of runway shows where designers will present their creations for spring-summer 2023, is a true pioneering feast for the eyes. The make-up artists and hairstylists of the hottest designer labels now in the Big Apple have returned to the era when they were more creative than sly tiktokers. And they're back to make us want to dare with the catchphrases we've worn forever but with a twist. You'll need rhinestones, dusty eyeshadows, invisible hair elastics and some gel.

Let's look in detail at the 5 trends to experiment now on face and hair straight from New York Fashion Week.


Sunburn blush 3.0

Remember the trend that was all the rage this summer on Tik Tok and featured red or fuchsia blush to give your face a fake sunburn? Lo and behold, even on the New York catwalks the trend has been revived but in an avant-garde key. We admired it at Christian Cowan, as a pink aura framing the face. And that was paired with goggles like the ones you put on while sunlamping or with double-winged eyebrows, as unusual as they were cool. At Marni, on the other hand, facial contouring got an intergalactic twist, with a well-marked purple focus on the forehead. For those who don't want to overdo it, here comes Fendi to the rescue, with a light but knockout pink contouring.


That bling-bling that never gets tired

Already start putting facial rhinestones in your cart for future Amazon purchases. Because the looks of Peter Do, Batsheva and Tory Burch will literally blow your mind. The former recreated, on a natural face base, jeweled, sequin-encrusted eyebrows. The other two designers, on the other hand, played with the look, opting for silver and blue eyeshadow equal to the glare of water, and embellished with shimmering straws. And if you really want to stand out like Lady Gaga did when she wore flesh, go straight for Area's face creations. Finally, for those who don't like to overdo it but prefer a punk touch, there's Tommy Hilfiger smokey eyes to enchant. Between light blue and anthracite, it has light sparkling in the center of the eyelid, enhanced by bold shades of black edging the eye.


Coffin nails

Sharp manicures are back, even sharper than they sported in the 2000s era. At Christian Cowan, they are transparent, with a pearl finish, and a silver French fringe. Luar chose them instead in a matte beige, with the pinky studded with crystals. Blue jeans and gold for The Blonds, which pairs them with sparkling crystals. Alice + Olivia opts instead for a razor-sharp rainbow manicure, all mismatched.


Ladies and gentlemen, the wisps

An unexpected comeback? We don't think so. Only on social networks and in the faces of the stars the jellyfish hairstyling and chin bangs have made even the fans of even cuts reconsider. Now it's New York's turn: Peter Do brings back "stepped" hair, scaled so sharply that it reminds us of the Met Gala entrance. Bevza proposed instead a maxi side topknot, well ingrown, with alien connotations. Coach, on the other hand, went for the marquee but penciled strawberry, a très chic extra very urban cut.


Braids in every way

The braid is, according to New York designers, the 3.0 à porter hairstyle. It is worn micro and sideways, like 1970s hippies, according to Adeam. Kim Shui and Bronx & Banco, on the other hand, offer them double: the former in theater tent tinsel mode, the latter with Coachella connotations. Mohawk-style instead for Altuzarra, which recreates a punk crest embellished with braids. At Tom Ford, on the other hand, micro braids accompany the extra voluminous curls of the models, who for the show went back in time, exactly to the 1980s era of Studio 54.