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Byredo's spiritual minimalism keeps on ruling perfume business

The brand has just being acquired by spanish holding Puig

Byredo's spiritual minimalism keeps on ruling perfume business The brand has just being acquired by spanish holding Puig

"When I was young, fragrances were a way to feel part of the group. Everyone wore the same ones, like One by Calvin Klein or Fahrenheit by Dior [...] fragrances today, on the other hand, are a way of celebrating our individuality in a visceral way, because they are unique and niche," explains Gorhan, founder of Byredo, which since 2006 has climbed the ranks of genderless fragrances to the point of being acquired by Puig, the Spanish beauty giant. For Puig's rich portfolio of fashion-related fragrance brands, a positive moment has finally returned after the downturn of the pandemic period, and Byredo proves to be the right player to invest in to have more contact with a young audience, attentive to the latest trends but above all sensitive to luxury and gender-neutral options. 

The brand has managed to carve its niche in the market on the basis of creativity and retail customisation of fragrances with evocative names and notes that embrace the sphere of the 5 senses and different moments in life. From fragrances such as Gipsy Water and Mohave Ghost, Byredo's concept is to captivate the senses by telling a story with the notes of the olfactory pyramid, embracing those who approach perfume in an all-encompassing aesthetic experience ready to sweep into the home fragrance sector, with its bursting success in pademia that has seen Byredo candles consecrated as must-have furnishing elements in the homes of every influencer. With a skilful creative strategy, the founder and the entire Byredo team have always followed a different line from the communication strategies of the emblazoned brands in the perfumery world, often driven by celebrity endorsements and hypersexualised advertising campaigns. Byredo has maintained a more minimalist approach but has made the right choices, such as relying on the creative direction of image maker Isamaya Ffrench for the launch of its cosmetics line, which has transported the brand's spiritual values to an industry associated with an aesthetic sophistication that goes from packaging to campaigns.

Recording a turnover of €119 million in 2021 thanks to the direct-to-consumer strategy that ensured a 63% increase over the previous year and almost double the pre-pandemic turnover of €62 million ($70 million) in 2019, Byredo continues to establish itself in the beauty scenario as a refined and avant-garde feminine identity.