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The 5 big hair trends for Spring 2022

From big cuts comebacks to the businesswoman redhead power

The 5 big hair trends for Spring 2022 From big cuts comebacks to the businesswoman redhead power

As the air gets warmer, the days get longer and the flowers begin to bloom, along with the approach of spring there is a desire for a change. While it's true that a woman's first thought as the closet change approaches is to buy a new pair of shoes, it's equally true that your face is your best calling card and deserves to have a spring refresh. So, if you're thinking of betting your budget more on your hair than on the closet revolution, here are the 5 big trends to experiment with.

Bixie, mixie, octopus hair?

These are the three beloved cuts of Generation Z that are coming back from the past, roughly from the decades between the 1980s and 1990s. The Bixie, a hybrid between bob and pixie, was worn by all the coolest Nineties stars, from Natalie Imbruglia to Winona Ryder. The Mixie, on the other hand, is the flagship cut of Ursula Corbero, and indicates a mix between the mullet and pixie. Unlike the Bixie it has more scaling but definitely remains more feminine than a mullet. Then there's the third version, perhaps the most extreme but one that looks good on long hair: the Octopus Hair, which is scaled like the shag but with much more volume on the head and lengths that are so long that they resemble the tentacles of an octopus.

The red color

Zendaya is back to her typical amaranth red. Florence has just released her new album with a red Pre-Raphaelite hairstyle fresh from the hairdresser. But the real phenomenon comes from Inventing Anna, the Netflix TV series starring Julia Garner, which focuses on Titian red as the emblem of the business woman look. Whether it's coppery or darker, cooler or warmer, the color red will accompany you through 2022 if you want to be taken as a woman of the wrist.

Bottleneck bangs

Also known as "bottleneck", it is the bangs loved by the French, a bit curtain but very scaled and irreverent. It has such a strong je ne sais quoi that hair stylist Tom Smith immediately chose it to revolutionize actress Margot Robbie's look. As well as Lily Collins who gave in to bottleneck bangs some time ago, fresh from filming in Paris for her Emily in Paris. The look, however, was made famous by Dakota Johnson at the time of Fifty Shades. What to ask the hairdresser? The texture, net, must have a narrower shape at the top that gradually widens when it meets the top of the cheekbone, giving an effect similar to the top of a bottle.

Hair Tinsel

Galeotto TikTok has brought back the trend of having long hair with glittery tinsel like a Barbie or a Bratz. A phenomenon of the 2010s - see under Beyoncé at the Grammys - which requires the use of clips with attached fake hair in pop colors and studded with iridescent glitter. A subtle shimmer that, in the early 2000s as today, gives that extra light to the face thanks to its K-pop aesthetic, now extremely fashionable.



They are the curls of the eighties, and today they are back in vogue thanks to Donatella Versace who, for her spring campaign, posed in the midst of Gigi and Bella Hadid all with frisé effect mermaid hair. To create them you can do, just out of the shower, with wet hair and dabbed with an anti-frizz product, many small braids to be left in place until the hair is completely dry. Or take the special straightener and leave it on for a few seconds on each portion of the lock, from the roots to the lengths, until the tool recreates the wildest wave there is.