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Now Euphoria make-up has its own beauty brand

Euphoria's make-up artist launches her beauty brand in collaboration with the series' creators and A24

Now Euphoria make-up has its own beauty brand  Euphoria's make-up artist launches her beauty brand in collaboration with the series' creators and A24

Euphoria owes its popularity to the ability of Head of Make-up, Donniella Davy, to use makeup to tell the story of emotions and tie psychological meanings to the looks that are perfectly aligned with the scenes they appear in and true to each character's storyline. The professional make-up artist works with a team of professionals to support the blockbuster series, and it is with just as many collaborators that she launches into this new make-up and beauty business venture, Half Magic Beauty, with which she aims to make every client feel "free to change shape and enjoy the changing version of themselves" according to the website in its early stages.

But what will be the product offering of the brand curated by Davy? "It is a dopamine make-up", designed not only for "cool girls", but for anyone who wants to play and express themselves freely, daring with colors and small sparkling details. There are liquid glitter eyeshadows, velvety lip creams, highlighters, opaque eyeshadows, a mist with a dewy effect, lip liner and Face Gems, a series of small rhinestones specially modeled to fit the MUA's vision. In addition, the first drop includes some beauty tools such as Wing Magician, a silicone guide for perfect eyeliner application, and gem tweezers, which come in a neon yellow case, the brand's signature shade. The make-up artist points out that the pigments are all high-saturation, designed to ensure full color in a single stroke, and reveals her three must-haves. The first is Mouth Cloud Soft Matte Lip Cream included in the Magic Brownie Liptrik Kit, a pinkish-brown shade that she describes as "the perfect introduction to wearing brown lipstick". She also loves the Light Trap Highlighter in the shade Spiritually Complex, an "awesome shade of shimmery violet-periwinkle that’s super delicate but bold at the same time". While for "get a sheer, twinkling but casual everyday eye look", she recommends Chromaddiction Shimmer Eye Paint in the shade ASMR, champagne color with a hint of blue.

A natural step towards the evolution of the reputation that has made her one of the most followed make-up artists online, the brand comes at a topical time for the makeup artist, who heads a diverse team of other makeup artists with a strong propensity to experiment with color, lines and shades, but above all with a fluid approach to makeup and aligned with the latest trends. Maddy's eyeliner and Jules' palette eyes in the first season stamped a clear image of Euphoria in everyone's mind, contextualizing the name of the series and accompanying it in defining an aesthetic that follows the metamorphosis of Gen-Z as they grapple with the darkness of their lives in the throes of early teenage trauma. Make-up for Donni Davi has an emotionally evocative meaning, and in the first period of launch of the series, when the executive production was still in charge of Drake and his partner Future The Prince now out of the project, this element had proved magnetic for the audience, building a very high hype towards the beauty looks of the series, recreated by millions of people on social and very searched on Google. 

"Conceptually, the make-up in Euphoria is self-celebratory and expressive, evoking all sorts of emotions, not just the positive ones," Davy had told Byrdie, on the occasion of his collaboration with the brand Face Lace with which he created in 2021 a line of make-up stickers - called decal stickers - inspired by the looks of the first season of the series. On that occasion, Davy had tasted the ground for the public's appreciation of a product created by her, just as Lady Gaga had done before her before the launch of Haus Laboratories. Now, thanks to her professionalism, her sensitivity to the tastes of a public that yearns for new ideas and new ways of expression through makeup, and also thanks to the fame obtained with the series and the professional and creative appreciation of her work, she is now ready to sell the world the tools of the trade with her signature.

All Half Magic products are vegan and cruelty-free and are sold on the brand's website at prices ranging from $10 to $26. Officially launched on 17 May, the line offers many possible looks. The choice is yours: "Space cowboy or glitter queen? Prom belle or neon boy-next-door? Eccentric or even more eccentric? Follow your creativity more down the rabbit hole and get ready to transform into your everyday changing version with HALF MAGIC."