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Ice Globes are the new skincare obsession

According to Tiktok we will all exploit the benefits of ice in 2022

Ice Globes are the new skincare obsession   According to Tiktok we will all exploit the benefits of ice in 2022
Fraîcheur Ice Globes Massager

Fraîcheur Ice Globes Massager

SKINGYM Cryocycles Pink Facia Ice Globes

SKINGYM Cryocycles Pink Facia Ice Globes

SEPHORA Ice Globes

SEPHORA Ice Globes


According to a recent research done by the digital portal Stylight, the skincare hashtag would by now have exceeded 67.8 billion views on Tiktok, thus making the social platform, led by generation Z, the real place-to-be to shop for the latest trends in beauty. The social portal highlights, among the many trends, especially the Ice Globes, after the success of the stone gua sha in 2021. What does it consist of? Massage the face with the ice Globes, that is, small balls filled with water, to be put in the freezer at least 30 minutes before use, and to pass gently on the face, and also around the eyes, to deflate and reduce inflammation, especially for those with sensitive skin affected by the dreaded maskne and acne.

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The new skin-icing frontier

Let’s call it the 2022 ice treatment. If before, in fact, as Kate Moss and Irina Shayk taught us, you filled the sink with ice and washed your face with this cold water immediately in the early morning, now the trend becomes more "professional", thanks to new and hyper functional devices. These tools, in fact, replace the old beauty practices, such as frozen cucumber, frozen rice water and the same cryolipolysis, a more invasive treatment of which the former top model Linda Evangelista had been the standard-bearer. Stylight also points out that, looking for Ice Globes on Google, the interest in these tools has increased by +194% during the month of December 2021, especially with regard to the brand Skin Gym.

The benefits on the skin

Treating the skin of the face with these ice "globes", after cleansing it well, helps to reduce inflammation and imperfections, as well as avoiding bags under the eyes and dark circles. The virtue of Ice Globes is in short similar to skin-icing but with the advantage of not having to handle very cold ice cubes or pass them directly on the skin, possibly risking to irritate her more. To enhance the effect it is also recommended to massage them over a mask in soaked tissue, to allow the ingredients to interact with the skin.