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5 hair trends for the fall/winter season

Styling ideas and haircuts to try during the next season

5 hair trends for the fall/winter season Styling ideas and haircuts to try during the next season

The post-holiday period is often a time when you feel the need to get back on track, and maybe even to change your look to start the routine again. Soften, trim, experiment... why not take advantage of the first appointment at the hairdresser to treat yourself to a whole new hair look? This fall/winter 2021 talks about soft 70s lengths, short geometric cuts to rediscover the charm of vintage, from the bob & lob children of the 60s bob to the new buzz cuts whose history is linked to the American army, where once upon a time it was only soldiers who had such short hair. The bangs are also back, both full and thin, but also parade and open on the forehead. Its length does not know half measures: either the protagonist of The Wonderful World of Amelie is very short effect or it is long until it touches the eyebrows. Or again, the seasonal trends also bring back the bon ton and very vintage allure of the micro-scarves worn in a triangle on the head and knotted behind the neck or the maxi ones that instead embrace the oval of the face and are tied under the chin. You are ready? nss G-Club has selected for you the 5 macro hair trends for next season.



If you love long hair, this is the season for you. Oversized lengths are very trendy, especially when paired with straight cuts. In short, ideal for "enjoying" a healthy, strong and resistant hair. With or without bangs? Both of them.



Particularly sought after trend this summer, geometric short cuts remain one of the must-haves for the next cold season. The only imperative during construction is precision. The shape, from the tips to the roots, must be flawless and the contours of the hairstyle perfectly drawn.



Among the last to have chosen it is Iris Law, it is a very simple cut to make, but difficult to maintain as it requires numerous trimmings. Her lengths, in fact, are extremely short, so much so that one immediately thinks of a masculine and extremely minimal look. In the summer of 2021 she had become part of men's hair fashion trends, and now she is also becoming popular in the world of women's hair trends, becoming a glamorous and super sensual haircut.



The bangs will also be the protagonist of Fall/Winter 2021, declined in all its possible variations. From the shorter ones, perfect for the very young and also combined with short graphic cuts, to the maxi ones that touch the eyebrows, they lend themselves to different types of styling and can also be worn sideways.



In the last year we had already spotted a street style with the smell of Babushka, that is, the foulards tied under the chin in Russian granny style or, why not, Queen Elizabeth II style. For the next cold season, the foulard changes the materials, colors and patterns, but remains the must-have accessory par excellence, making each outfit more personal and shifting attention to detail.