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5 beauty brands that really support the LGBTQIA+ community

The initiatives that, on the occasion of Pride Month, offer a concrete support to the community

5 beauty brands that really support the LGBTQIA+ community The initiatives that, on the occasion of Pride Month, offer a concrete support to the community

June has started, and along with a first hint of summer, Pride Month has arrived. This event is an opportunity to remind everyone to celebrate everyday the LGBTQIA+ community, queer culture and all about Pride, but above all, to take concrete actions in support of the community and their rights.

In a historical moment where brand activism is at the center of attention for fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands and their consumers, we need to be careful and distinguish the initiatives that offer a concrete help, from those that instead will guarantee a benefit only to the brand reputation through marketing strategies for their own sake. We are talking, in the case of Pride Month, of Rainbow washing. However, there are many brands, also in the beauty industry, that contribute to raise awareness, include, fight, support the LGBTQIA+ cause to build a better world. Here are 5 beauty brands that really support the community and their initiatives for Pride Month 2021.



On the occasion of Pride Month 2021, Sephora will use its social channels to support the cause and provide "education" on issues related to the LGBTQIA+ world with the project Not a beauty tutorial, which consists of a series of videos made with the aim of starting a positive and open conversation on these issues, addressed by activists and committed members in the community. We will talk about transsexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity and the origins of Pride, while the protagonists will be struggling with a make-up session or skincare routine. The "non-tutorials" will be published every week from June 7th to July 3rd and are made in partnership with GAY CENTER, an association and welcoming place that promotes services, initiatives and culture, for the well-being and rights of the LGBTQIA + community. All Sephora Italia employees will be involved in two important charity projects, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Gay Center.



Through the campaign BeYOUnique, the Swedish skintech brand FOREO celebrates uniqueness and diversity, in all its nuances. Did you know that the brand name derives from "FOR EveryOne"? In addition to being a quote from Queen - to whom Filip Sedic, founder of FOREO, has always been inspired - the quote symbolizes the brand's mission "to break down labels and inspire people to be fearless and aware of their unique footprint in the world. ". It is no coincidence that the brand's best sellers, like LUNA, are a symbol of non-binary, unisex beauty that celebrates differences and unites people. So on the occasion of Pride 2021, FOREO launches a long-term platform to celebrate differences and uniqueness of any kind.



Tangle Teezer is not only the most famous and loved brush by all beauty addicts. The British brand is in fact committed, now more than ever, to supporting the LGBTQIA + community through projects and donations. On the occasion of Pride 2021 it launched Pride Power, the new limited edition compact styler decorated in the colors of the rainbow flag and with a functional design to protect its teeth, to be always carried with you. Pride Power was born together with a special charity partnership with Casa Arcobaleno - a project aimed at serving assistance and help, but also a shelter, for young people in the LGBTQIA+ community - to which part of the proceeds from the purchases of the new brush will be donated.



How will cosmetics brand Paula's Choice celebrate Pride Month this year? With donations to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute and the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), for a total of 10.000 dollars: the former is a non-profit organization with the aim of protecting and advocate for the rights of black transgender people through advocacy, education, dialogue, change and political engagement; while the second association supports the LGBTI community around the world through support and research projects, giving a voice to movements within international organizations. ⁠



On the occasion of the launch of the St. Barts line and Pride Month, OUAI organized takeovers and social content with various talents and creators of the LGBTQIA+ world but, above all, it will donate 20 thousand dollars to the Los Angeles LGBT Center,, an association that helps fight stereotypes and discrimination, and struggle to build a better world.