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Eyeliner: 5 mistakes to avoid

What are the most common mistakes and how to correct them

Eyeliner: 5 mistakes to avoid What are the most common mistakes and how to correct them

Back in vogue on the catwalks of the last Fashion Weeks in the most varied interpretations and adored by celebrities and influencers, the eyeliner has always been the subject of experimentation in make-up, as it gives a fascinating and sensual look like no other beauty product. Spreading it perfectly, however, is a difficult task as smudges and crooked lines are always guaranteed! So, if the end result is often a wavy, flickering line, then it's worth wondering if we really know how to use that nib in our hands. Where do you start to draw a perfect tail? And what are the mistakes to avoid?


1. Not using a primer as a make up base

As a first step, it is very important to prepare the mobile eyelid with a primer to ensure that the eyeliner sets better and does not transfer to the fixed one, which often happens especially if you have slightly sunken eyes.


2. Pulling the skin of the eyelid upwards

It would seem simpler but, in reality, this gesture will only cause the onset of wrinkles, not allowing us to see the final direction that the eyeliner line will take. Better to position yourself in front of the mirror and try to draw the line by giving it an upward direction, in a natural way, but without pulling the skin. Slowly and without haste.


3. Starting from the tail

For beginners, this is not good at all; you need to be familiar with the product to be able to take this step. It is advisable to start by drawing the line from the mid-eye and then proceed to make the final tail. In this way, the makeup will be more harmonious and in line with the shape of the eye.


4. Using a kajal pencil

If it's called eyeliner, there is a reason. Since the kajal pencil is a fat-based product, it will almost certainly run during the day or evening, so it is better to opt for a real liquid eyeliner which - thanks to its ad hoc formulation - will give you the defined and precise effect that look for.


5. Using too much product

Remember, a line that is too thick does not enhance the look as mistakenly one might think, but it darkens it. Absolutely to be avoided is what is called "panda effect", or when you draw two thick lines without shading on both eyelids.

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