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10 hair trends for Fall/Winter 2020

Medium lengths, '90s wisps, bright colors and easy-chic hairstyles

10 hair trends for Fall/Winter 2020 Medium lengths, '90s wisps, bright colors and easy-chic hairstyles

Lack of social life does not necessarily mean "bad hair day". The hair, even when wearing a face mask, is the protagonist. Indeed, they can stand out even more and be the statement of the beauty look. Furthermore, we are approaching winter holidays and new year's eve, with the hope that everything will get better, so what about experimenting now?

Just play with hairstyles and experiment with unusual colors: this is the right time to do it. Instagram is clear: 90s tufts, a touch of pink, a haircut à la française and much more... these hairstyles are the best ideas to start winter 2020 with coolness.


Points of light in the locks

What happens to our hair is what we have in our mind: the desire to rise and shine. Framesi sets the trend with its new sunshine hair color that, thanks to the light positioned in tactical points of the hair and in the desired blonde shade, frames the face, personalizing it.


Petit bob & relob

Posh Spice and Sylvie of Emily in Paris will be your muses. The classic French bob reinvents itself with new volumes and dimensions. The petit bob does not reach the chin, with generous internal layering. For those who prefer the half size here comes the relob, as Victoria Beckham wore it in her times as a super pop star.


The return of the shag

A little longer than a bob, all about layering. Alexa Chung has been an example of emblematic beauty for years precisely because her haircut has multidirectional movements that make the cut light and lively with any hairstyle.


Claw clip who?

It has always been said that the coolest girls, far from 2000s trends, do not wear hair clips, even at home, until Alexander Wang in 2018 convinced everyone that it was a high-potential accessory. Americans call it claw clip and now they love it. Among the list of aficionados also Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber, queens of easy-chic hairstyles.


Free pigtails

With a 70s vibe, they were loved by style icon Sharon Tate. Also chosen by Margot Robbie - who in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood plays the role of the actress, murdered by the followers of Charles Manson - to walk one of the red carpets during the promotion of the movie. Replicating them is easy, it is enough to frame the face with two (or more) braids, not tied with scrunchies but fixed by slightly teasing the tips.


Super curl

Those who are lucky enough to have defined curls or afro hair, a short or medium cut is the trend. Rather than stressing your hair with styling, think about how to give new life into your super curl. For example, ask the hairdresser to cut your bangs while they are dry, to give them the most natural shape possible.


Half high ponytail

Curls, or straight hair. For all three hair textures, the keyword is (half) high ponytail. All you have to do is create an upside-down half-tail and secure with scrunchies or a clip, as JLo does.


Color inspired by comfort food

Amaretto biscottihot chocolatepumpkin spice e cranberry crisp. All popular and Instagrammed flavors to create gourmet shades. The first is for those who love a coppery blond, thanks to the mix of colors like almond, brown sugar and nutmeg. The second is like the classic hot cup of chocolate, sweet and with a glossy texture. The third brings to mind cinnamon and pumpkin, for a final effect similar to burnt orange. The last one is for those who love copper, with a hint of pink inside.


Pink, pink and pink

That special mix of white and red is certainly the new blonde. Today pink is the protagonist of Instagram filters, to be used as an excellent "excuse" to understand if the color of the marshmallow actually fits your style and complexion.


90s wisps

Long or short, layered or not, they fall along the face, combined with a ponytail or a hairstyle with the claw clip. From Bella Hadid to Emily Ratajkowski there is no doubt: to go out, even to go shopping, the 90s hairstyle is back!