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5 haircare treatments to try in Milan

The addresses to mark on the agenda for a "remise en forme" of your hair

5 haircare treatments to try in Milan The addresses to mark on the agenda for a remise en forme of your hair

Our hair in this period deserves special attention. Usually discussed only when it comes to trends and styling, with the change of seasons they can experience a critical phase, often characterized by hair loss and lack of tone. Stress, smog and dyes play an important role in the weakening of the hair, that, with the arrival of autumn, can appear dry and dull.

Today haircare focuses more on increasingly specific and advanced in-salon treatments: teams of professionals at our disposal to restore our hair in the most extraordinary comfort for an extrasensory experience.

The goal of fall therefore is to get a hair therapy to make our hair again soft, strong and shiny (before the cold season). From restorative to nourishing treatments, in Milan the choice is wide. But in order to really live a unique experience, you need to carefully select the places that - in addition to a simple remise en forme of the hair - can be a cocoon for us.

nss G-Club choose 5 places where everything is customized and tailored, from the tasting of drinks, herbal teas, snacks, from the choice of the look to the diagnosis of the hair, from the preference of the rituals to the shopping advice to continue the beauty routine at home.

Ready? Here the 5 places to be in Milano to treat yourself with a special haircare treatment.



To try: Fusio Scrub + Urban Hair Treatment 

A detox treatment that restores the health of your scalp and deeply purifies the hair through a scrub which is then associated with a personalized and specific treatment.

Tony&Guy Milano Monti
Via Vincenzo Monti 27, Milan



To try: Regeneration

A regenerating skin treatment that reactivates hair growth and activates the cells of the scalp. The result is a more voluminous and bushy hair.

Les Garçons de La Rue
Via Lattuada 6, Milan



To try: Hair Repair Fibre Clinix

An exclusive repairing treatment that, thanks to Triple Bonding & C21 Technology, restores the surface of the hair and connects the internal bonds by repairing the internal and external structure.

LIT Milano
Via Ariberto 3, Milan



To try: Anti-frizz Treatment

A professional treatment, designed to repair and reinvigorate damaged hair, which penetrates into the 3 layers that make up the hair - cuticle / cortex / medulla - making the hair instantly more shiny, soft, luminous and hydrated.

My Place Hair Studio
Via Bartolomeo Panizza 6, Milan



To try: Olaplex Treatment

Treatment with a single active ingredient, a molecule called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, which restores the health of the hair through the reconnection of disulfide bridges, which create a kind of "scaffolding" around the hair to protect it.

Blanche Store and More
Via Giuseppe Sirtori 31, Milan