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Why everyone is talking about The Ordinary, the top skincare brand of the moment

Its success lies in the simplicity and quality of the products

Why everyone is talking about The Ordinary, the top skincare brand of the moment Its success lies in the simplicity and quality of the products

The beauty routine has become one of the hobbies that are accompanying us in this period of isolation and quarantine, where the time to devote to the self-care of our body and mind is even more precious than usual. We also have more time to discover new products and brands, and find the most suitable ones for us and our skin.

If you are passionate about skincare, it's impossible you've never heard of The Ordinary. This American brand owes its fame mainly to two elements: the quality and effectiveness of its products, formulated in a targeted way for the diverse needs of the different skin types, and the very competitive price, much cheaper than the average on the beauty market. A signature characteristic of the brand is the essential and minimal packaging: on the containers, we find only the necessary information such as ingredients, method of use and brand name, no bold colours and designs or strategic quotes. 

We are sure you've definitely heard of it before, but have you ever tried the products? At nss G-Club we did, and we chose 5 must-have products of The Ordinary to add to our bathroom shelf. Are you ready to try them all?


1. Squalane Cleanser

This face cleanser is particularly valuable because it performs two functions at the same time: it cleanses the face in-depth, eliminating the dirt that settles on the face and excess sebum and removing make-up, also eliminating waterproof make-up! The texture is similar to a rich conditioner which, in contact with water, emulsifies and becomes an oil. It is very delicate and moisturizing on the skin, not making you feel that annoying "stretch" sensation.

nss G-Club special tips: use it every day in the morning as a face cleanser and in the evening to remove make-up. This routine may be fine for normal-dry skin, but it may be a little too heavy for combination-oily skin that needs to purify the skin. In this case, use it only in the evening. 



2. Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

This serum is the perfect product for every person! It is a cocktail of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, with a super-moisturizing effect suitable for all skin types. Like all serums, it is to be used after cleansing the face and before the moisturizer, in this case, morning and evening. 

nss G-Club special tipsIf in the morning, after applying the serum, you already feel a feeling of comfort of the skin, do not use also the moisturizer! You could weight down your skin unnecessarily. This mode is particularly suitable if you have oily skin.



3. Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

This eye area solution is excellent for countering the swelling and the shade of the dark circles. Formulated with caffeine and green tea extract, it is fragrance-free and has a gel texture. After applying it, the skin will immediately be more hydrated, refreshed and relieved! Use it morning and evening after the serum, but before the moisturizer.

nss G-Club special tipsAlways remember to apply the eye area with the ring finger, the finger that exerts less pressure. The eye area is very delicate!



4.   Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

This is an excellent basic moisturizer formulated with ceramides, which help strengthen the skin and hyaluronic acid barrier. The texture is rich, but not greasy and the fact that it has no fragrance makes it particularly suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Ideal for normal-dry skin, perhaps it could be a little heavy for oily skin, as we are getting closer to the warm season.

nss G-Club special tipsIn addition to using it in the morning and evening beauty routine, also use it as a make-up primer! Your skin will be hydrated and radiant, ready to apply makeup.



5. 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil

Rosehip oil can be a valuable ally of your skincare routine. This one from The Ordinary is organic, pure and cold-pressed rosehip oil and is rich in linoleic acid and provitamin A. The combination of these elements will make your skin nourished and hydrated. More than that, since this is a rapidly absorbed oil, it is better to apply it after the serum and before the moisturizer. If you already feel comfortable after applying it, you can avoid using the cream. Put two or three drops of oil on your fingertips, warm them between your fingers, apply it on your face and voila, your skin will be soft and hydrated! 

nss G-Club special tipsDo you need an extra cuddle? After applying the oil, use the jade roller or gua-sha for a heavenly facial massage! If you don't have one of these items, don't worry, you can use your fingertips and self-massage starting from the neck to the temples, relaxation is guaranteed.


The Ordinary products can be easily found on LookFantastic and Sephora. Let the shopping begin!