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French Girl Organics is the French beauty brand to try

Sustainable products inspired by nature and its ingredients

French Girl Organics is the French beauty brand to try Sustainable products inspired by nature and its ingredients

No need to say that French girls, and in particular the Parisians, have a certain romantic allure that haunts women all over the world: a mix of charm and innate style that many in the world try to copy. Brigitte Bardot, Sophie Marceau, Laetitia Casta, Jeanne Damas or Léa Seydoux, just to name a few, are icons that continue to fascinate us, decade after decade, and are a source of inspiration also in terms of beauty. But what is their secret? Well, the first rule of French culture is to accept who you really are, love yourself and play with your flaws. Simplicity, therefore, is the key word that becomes synonymous with elegance and a return to essentiality through the use of basic products with natural ingredients.

And here is why at nss G-Club we fell in love with a new brand with a Parisian aesthetic, inspired by the French origins of the founder, which is very close to the concept of French beauty: it's called French Girl Organics and it's made with 100% natural ingredients of biological origin and formulated with botanical extracts and distillates of herbs and flowers grown in nature, not cultivated.

At FRENCH GIRL, we strongly believe in the power of self-care and conscious consumption to create a healthier worldview and a better environment. Through organic and sustainable ingredients, ethical business practices and a cruelty-free supply chain, our mission is to support the Earth, celebrate self-love and make life beautiful," says brand founder Kristeen Griffin-Grimes. "Our main purpose is in fact to create luxury products for everyday personal care, through a continuous search for high quality ingredients that are not only sustainable for the planet but also for their producers. Environmental impact, fair trade and working practices are all part of the equation of the concept of "clean" beauty, typical of us French women. From the beginning we have been supporters of water-free formulations that use only botanical extracts (such as Aloe Vera) and herbal and flower distillates to replace the water in our recipes.

The products, inspired by nature and its ingredients, in fact promote healthy aging using tested ingredients and extraction methods. The methods include: cold-pressed organic oils that preserve all the antioxidants and fatty acids essential for skin health and floral hydrosols that contain many of the same benefits as the essential oils from which they are distilled. Clean and therapeutic salts are used which contain important trace elements from ancient seas and French gray salt traditionally collected from clay-covered salt tanks in the French region of Guérande. Organic flower powders for a unique and sensorial experience.

From facial skin to the hair, passing through the body, the range of products includes several references, so here we selected 3 must-have products by French Girl Organics.



Rose du Maroc Lip Polish

Rose du Maroc Lip Polish

refreshing scrub to gently remove dry skin and leave elastic and hydrated lips.



Clear Skin Oil

Clear Skin Oil

A blend of botanical oils, rich in linoleic acid to replenish imperfect face skin.



Lumiere Moonlight Body Oil

Lumiere Moonlight Body Oil

A dry oil for body, face and hair that moisturizes the skin and gives a delicate glow