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Crown Affair: four essential products for your hair care

The new brand to include immediately in your hair-care routine

Crown Affair: four essential products for your hair care The new brand to include immediately in your hair-care routine

Founded by marketing and advertising tycoon Dianna Cohen, who previously worked at Into The Gloss and listed among the "30 under 30" of Forbes 2019, the brand-new hair care brand Crown Affair has one mission: reinventing our haircare routine with essential elements, luxurious yet accessible. A range of four products including a hairbrush, a comb, oil and a towel (that we already love!) that can be used together or individually.

The brush, hand-made in Italy, is perfect for all hair types; the boar bristles stimulate the scalp and increase the volume of the hair. The elegant turtle comb is perfect for detangling delicate and wet hair without causing breakage. Finally, the oil mixes traditional and modern Japanese ingredients, including Tsubaki seed oil, to retain moisture and protect hair from styling. Incorporating a super clean approach to hair care, Crown Affair never uses sulphates, parabens and other harmful ingredients in its products. 

And now, our favourite product: the towel that can be used after washing and before drying, perfect for preventing frizz. What we like most is the elastic band placed on the back, to create the famous turban, without the risk of the towel falling apart continuously as we move. Furthermore, considering that wet hair is less resistant and more prone to breakage, using a normal cotton towel could cause further damage to the hair, better, therefore, to opt for microfiber towels.

We believe that hair care begins with loving it and understanding how to do it without ruining it. Each product we make is in fact developed to work in synergy with any of our other products in the range, so that together they form a real ritual." Founder Dianna Cohen says, "We have worked closely with craftsmen and chemists around the world to create unique products that our customers will love to use every day.

Growing up I turned my hair care into a ritual. It has become a real habit made up of daily actions that we should all do to achieve lasting results. The thing that helped me most in creating my personal routine was talking to other people about what works and what is useless. So when friends started asking me more about my hair (always shiny) I shared everything I knew and learned everything I could. Haircare routine has become my hobby and a new connection point with others. It soon became clear that while the people I spoke to were extremely diverse, the questions they asked were often rooted in the same problems: most people didn't really understand their hair and invested in salon-priced products without great results. Inside me, I knew there had to be a way to connect people with the products they wanted, with the guide they were looking for and that would help them redefine their relationship with their hair. So I designed Crown Affair to make products inspired by real people designed for real people.

Last but not least, all the brand's products are sustainable and intended for long-term use. Finally, Crown Affair packaging materials are also recyclable, reusable and compostable.

Find more information here and follow Crown Affair on Instagram.