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The best beauty looks of the faces of the New Masculinity

From Achille Lauro to Ezra Miller, the artists who are reworking the concept of masculinity

The best beauty looks of the faces of the New Masculinity From Achille Lauro to Ezra Miller, the artists who are reworking the concept of masculinity

There is always a great talk about female beauty looks, make-up and beauty products, but the wave of the New Masculinity finally gave us the opportunity to talk about beauty also linked to the male universe. If, in fact, the world of streetwear and sneaker culture, traditionally dominated by a male audience, have influenced women's fashion and wardrobes in the last decade, more recently there has been a turnaround that has led the male look to be strongly influenced by the rules and canons of women's fashion.

In this way, a style that we can define gender-neutral spontaneously rose, combining elements of male and female fashion and adapting to everyone's body and beauty. In the environment of cinema, music and fashion, people are adopting more and more a genderless approach, revolutionizing traditional codes and patterns. Among the main exponents, in Italy and in the world, we can mention the rappers Tyler, the Creator, Lil Nas X, Achille Lauro, but also the stars Harry Styles, Billy Porter and Ezra Miller, who usually surprise us with daring and unforgettable looks. The black make-up on the eyes or messy nail polish, legacy of a punk-rock culture and anticipated by Jared Leto, David Bowie, Johnny Depp and others, seem now outdated, leaving room for more refined and elaborate make-up.

We selected some of the most iconic and original men's beauty looks, recreating - as we like it at nss G-Club - a mini shopping guide to replicate them. 



Lauro De Marinis, aka Achille Lauro, in recent years, has gone from purely "trap" aesthetics made up of pigtails, grills on the teeth and visible jewels, to an almost extremely feminine look, reaching its peak during the last Sanremo Festival 2020. After having already surprised the rap-trap scene with a change of style also from the musical point of view, Lauro begins to wear boots with heels, latex and makeup, to amaze everyone in Sanremo with spectacular Gucci total-looks, designed by Alessandro Michele, inspired respectively by San Francesco, Marchesa Luisa Casati Stampa, Elisabeth I Tudor and David Bowie. 
A must-have product for Achille Lauro: YSL Couture Variation Eyeshadow Palette



The English singer Harry Styles during his career developed a musical and stylistic evolution that go hand in hand: from a more teenage look and music to a gender-fluid mature aesthetic and a consolidated artistic maturity. As Harry himself says, labels are not for him: "What women wear, what men wear ... This is not a problem for me". One of the must-haves for Harry's beauty looks is a lovely manicure, with nail polish or nail art.
Must-have product for Harry Styles: Nailberry Color Your Nails Set



The eye-catching make-up, the nail art and the big hats are the weakness of Billy Porter, who amazes us on every red carpet. Muse and icon of the beauty world, star of the Netflix series Pose, LGBTQ activist, Billy has many facets like his looks. Our favourite beauty look is the one shown at the last Grammy Awards 2020: blue eyeshadow on the whole eyelid, outlined by a glittery silver eyeliner that recalls the glitter on the face, the silver lipstick and nails.
A must-have product for Billy Porter: Pat McGrath Labs Lust Lip Gloss



Jaden Smith, son of the icon Will Smith, undoubtedly loves to amaze the audience with his Louis Vuitton outfits - he is ambassador of the maison - and his dyed hair. After the green (of his more rebellious period) and the blond, seems like pink has become Jaden's favourite hair colour. In addition to her hair, he showed off a total pink beauty look during the Louis Vuitton X cocktail party in Beverly Hills last year, including eyebrows, lip gloss, hair and jewellery, all in neon pink shade.
A must-have product for Jaden Smith: Bleach London Rose Toner Kit



Tyler's looks are the most colourful of the rap scene, pastel and neon colours alternate on the star's outfits. Hair is the most important part of his beauty looks: the platinum blonde bob wig has become the symbol of the rapper's image, but also the animal shaved cut combined with a pastel blue LV outfit, shown during the 2018 Grammy Awards.
A must-have product for Tyler, The Creator: Christophe Robin Anti-frizz Styling Milk



Eclectic and sophisticated, Ezra Miller always offers gothic and 70s inspiration in his beauty looks, playing with glitter and colors of the lipsticks, eyeshadows and highlighters. Real make-up, elaborated and adapted according to the occasion and style. One of those that impressed us the most was shown a year ago during the Paris Fashion Week FW19, during the Saint Laurent fashion show: diaphanous complexion, almost vampiric, and red lips, gel-effect hair pulled backwards by a hair clip jewel. Wow! 
A must-have product for Ezra Miller: Burberry Lip Velvet Crush