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The beauty trends of 2019 and what to expect from 2020

From non-touring to the braids and vinyl lips, here the next beauty trends to keep an eye on

The beauty trends of 2019 and what to expect from 2020 From non-touring to the braids and vinyl lips, here the next beauty trends to keep an eye on

During the last Fashion Weeks, we saw catwalks full of colour, glow, individuality and sustainability - not only in the collections but also in the beauty look we noticed a new vision inspired by the world that surrounds us.

The Euphoria-effect had a strong impact: from neon eyeshadows and graphic eyeliners by Anna Sui in New York to the full-colour glitters by Pat McGrath on the models of Tomo Koizumi, to continue with the shiny looks of House of Holland in London and Fendi in Milan. Besides the themes, the aesthetics of the cult tv series became a sort of manifesto of the Gen Z, bringing back the trends of colourful make-up and glowing beauty that emerged in the backstage of the Fashion Week.

We saw the same energy around hairstyle. In the last seasons, hairstylists started to get away from the idea that all models need to look identical. Indeed, individuality is currently one of the most relevant topics: in most cases, hairstylists enhanced the features of their models' natural hair, as Pyer Moss did on his runway, where models showed fierce natural afro curls or Saint Laurent models with natural loose hair. Moreover, braids were the ultimate protagonist, especially on Max Mara catwalk. 

So, what should we expect from the new year? From a trend going towards the clean beauty to a more extreme concept of beauty built around contrasting colours, here some of the key make-up and hair trends that will take over 2020.



First of all, we'll see the return on the non-touring. Indeed, the glossy effect is meant to grow in the new year. Forget strong marks of contouring and the extra-bright effect of strobing: 2020 will be the time for non-touring, the new natural make-up trend.



According to the Pantone Color of 2020, Classic Blue will be the ultimate protagonist of the next seasons on hair, eyes and lips. 



Besides colors, next year lips will wear shiny and glossy lipsticks, with a vinyl ultra-luminous effect. 



Winged eyeliner, a cult since the 60s, will get a neon twist and will turn into a new more powerful version. We might even see asymmetric styles, in the most fearless make-ups. 



The 90s will return in 2019 and a beauty trend in particular is meant to take over 2020: the visible lip liner, contrasting with the lipstick. 



Moving from the ultra-matt effect, the protagonist of the latest seasons, the glossy all-over effect that unites eyelids, lips and cheeks will be an important trend in 2020. 



A sustainable option to the standard manicure versions of the nail salons is the "clean manicure", also known as "naked manicure", will be one of the key nail trends of 2020. Unlike the standard manicure, this new nail polish will exclude the aggressive substances that we find in most of the traditional nail treatments and will incorporate natural keratin, giving strength and texture to your nails.



One of the most popular beauty trends of all times, the colour block make-up from 1984 is making a great comeback in 2020. Made up of two or more contrasting shades, placed next to each other. 



Last but not least, we'll see again the braid on many hairstyles. French, Dutch or with a silky headscarf, braids mania will still be the protagonist among the hair trends of 2020 - and only one braid is allowed.