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5 purple nail polishes to try now

This season, the manicure is purple

5 purple nail polishes to try now This season, the manicure is purple

From Cleopatra to Monet, from Kylie Jenner to Cardi B, everyone loves purple. There are those who believe it is the colour of the soul and those who think of it as the manifesto of the first feminist movement, those who associate it with dark aesthetics and those who imagine the lavender fields of Provence when they see it.

Lilac, cyclamen, amethyst, plum, dark, the shades available are many, all beautiful and perfect for make-up, especially for a manicure. Whether you choose dagger, almond or square nails, it doesn't matter, the secret is to let your imagination run free and change according to your mood. On Instagram the inspirations to copy abound: matte, jelly, blurred, graphic, a rainbow with each finger in a different tone of violet, glitter, galaxy, with gems and decorations. And there is no better time than the upcoming holidays to dare with the looks. The only thing you need is a good nail polish and time to dedicate to yourself.

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Here are 5 purple nail polishes to have now. 



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