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Birkenstock launches a beauty line

Birkenstock Natural Skin Care

Birkenstock launches a beauty line Birkenstock Natural Skin Care

After 240 years spent manufacturing the most comfortable sandals in the world, Birkenstock is now exploring new territory. The footwear brand has just entered the world of beauty with a skincare line. The offer currently includes nine products for the face and body such as eye cream, anti-wrinkle cream, detergents, regenerating oils, scrubs, but it seems that soon new cosmetics will be added.

All the ingredients used are natural and include jojoba oil, aloe vera, avocado oil and, above all, the extract of cork oak, the same tree from which Birkenstock footbeds come from. Louise Caldwell, President of Birkenstock Natural Skin Care, explains:

Cork has always been a core material for us and our brand has always had a commitment to health, wellness, high-quality materials and comfort. Discovering the benefits of cork oak to the skin made this a natural extension for us.

Studies have shown that suberin, a waxy film that creates a barrier on the plant giving the cork a considerable elasticity, is mainly made up of hydroxy-carboxylic acids and, for this reason, has a smoothing effect on the skin. 

If you want to try the new beauty line, you just have to visit the brand's website and start shopping.