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Three products from Millie Bobby Brown's new beauty brand to try

The 'Stranger Things' star has recently launched Florence by Mills

Three products from Millie Bobby Brown's new beauty brand to try The 'Stranger Things' star has recently launched Florence by Mills

Affordable, fun and easy to use. Finally also Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven from Stranger Things has debuted in the beauty world with her own make-up and skincare collectionFlorence by Mills, named after her great grandmother Florence: a line of vegan products, fresh and colorful, all the items are cruelty-free, paraben-free, without sulfates, without dyes, enriched with natural formulas, vitamins and active substances derived from flowers. 

The inspiration came from her own generation, the Gen-Z, and it translates in cosmetic products fit to who - just like her - partly because of their age, partly because of their lifestyle has to handle a moment in their life where the skin is always under pressure and subject to hormonal rages, between pimples and enlarges pores. Millie's products are simple but useful beauty inventions that Millie herself demonstrates how to use with tutorial video and quiz. According to Brown's words, 

I believe there’s a void in the market for young people and everybody deserves a great start with their skin. For me, I wanted to create something that is good for you and fun to use. And also my main thing was affordability, you know, I wanted people to actually be able to buy my products. I'm not an expert on skin care. I'm not a makeup artist. I'm an actor. But I really wanted to create something that people can just use. And I can use as well. I just wanted to talk to young people and say, here's a better option for you.

The collection has a charity aim as well: the company will, in fact, support the Olivia Hope Foundation, dedicated to a late Millie Bobby Brown's friend died of cancer. 


Here are our 3 Florence by Mills must-have products: 


An iridescent purple peel-off mask that helps us reset our skin after a tiring week. Purifying charcoal draws out dirt and oil while witch hazel keeps skin cute and happy. Lavender oil brings the chill vibes by calming skin.

Buy here.  


A creamy blush, available in six different colors, that dries down to a powdery finish that doesn't slip or slide off the skin. 

Buy here


A lip oil that serves serious looks and hydration while adding a pop of shine. African mango butter and para cress flower to look fresh and cute. 

At the moment it's sold out but it will soon get a restock here.