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A summer hit for each zodiac sign

Not just Sesso e Samba and Danza Kuduro

A summer hit for each zodiac sign Not just Sesso e Samba and Danza Kuduro

Spring is about to come to an end, and we are already spoiled for choice on what this year's summer hit will be. Anna Pepe, Gaia, or Tony Effe? What will come from abroad to delight our ears and radios? How many of these hits will be sung in Spanish? The questions abound, and the answer is simpler than you might think. There's room for everyone in today's music, radio, and record scene, where everything mixes in a pot of hits and potential hits, regardless of origin or release date. We played with this eclecticism by assigning one to each zodiac sign.

What is a summer hit?

The only criterion used in this article? Catchiness. And in reality, there aren't many other criteria. When we talk about a summer hit, we immediately think of engaging rhythms, light and carefree lyrics, drinks on the beach at sunset, at parties, or during vacations, wherever they may be. Another essential component? Pervasiveness. A summer hit is by nature inevitable and unavoidable: it is played everywhere, becoming the true soundtrack of the season.

What are the summer hits of 2024?

Following these rules, what do we expect for this summer? Limiting ourselves to Italy, we have new music from Mahmood and Angelina Mango, celebrated at Sanremo and Eurovision. It's impossible not to mention Tony Effe and Gaia, Anna Pepe, Elettra Lamborghini, and Shade. While we await the hits we are sure will be released in the coming weeks, what is your favorite summer hit of this year and of all time?

A summer hit for each zodiac sign

Aries: Danza Kuduro - Don Omar. An instant classic (released in August 2010) that's chaotic and irresistible just like Aries. Crowds go wild at the first notes, and some even remember the choreography by heart.

Taurus: Abbronzatissima - Edoardo Vianello. A celebration of life's pleasures that Taurus loves, a languid song to sway to on the beach next to the ladies doing aqua gym.

Gemini: El mismo sol - Alvaro Soler. A clever and charming song that takes a while to win you over, but once it does, it never leaves your head. Just like Gemini.

Cancer: Piotta – Supercafone. Behind Cancer's calm and reserved appearance lies a supercafone, but in a good way. A simple soul who loves to dance and let loose, but only in the presence of trusted people.

Leo: Angelina Mango - Melodrama. Is there a sign more melodramatic than Leo? Always seeking compliments, wanting to be surrounded by admirers, and wrapped in vintage outfits and eccentric looks.

Virgo: Lunapop - Qualcosa di grande. A reliable classic that makes almost everyone happy. This is what Virgo tries to do, desperately and without losing control of the situation.

Libra: Depende - Jarabe de Palo. Libra's dual nature pushes them never to make decisions unless forced. Jarabe de Palo offers the perfect answer. For a summer dedicated to nonchalant shrugging and beautiful frivolities.

Scorpio: Sesso e Samba - Tony Effe e Gaia. Sexy, new, ready for anything, attractive. This summer hit is as fascinating as Scorpio. And we won't get rid of it anytime soon, just like we won't get rid of Scorpio's grudges.

Sagittarius: Gasolina - Daddy Yankee. When this song starts and you're outside taking a breath of fresh air, you run inside because you want to dance to it. That's what you do with a Sagittarius, who is loyal and intelligent, expansive and positive. Like Gasolina. See? It all comes full circle.

Capricorn: Comprami - Viola Valentino. It's no surprise that Capricorns are very attentive to financial matters. The association between this song and this sign comes naturally. Just as naturally, this song's grumpy but profound nature pairs with Capricorn, making it a song to be rediscovered.

Aquarius: 30 gradi - Anna Pepe. A quirky and original song, just like this sign. 30 gradi celebrates the joys of life and doesn't shy away from a bit of presumption. That's why it's Aquarius's summer hit.

Pisces: Vamos a bailar - Paola e Chiara. We end on a high note. We end with the sea, the desire to surrender to the unpredictable movements of life, with an overwhelming melody hiding a painful and sensitive text. Just like the last sign of the zodiac.