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Mars enters Taurus, the meaning for each zodiac sign

Impulsivity and the desire to come out as winners from every situation meet the love for comfort

Mars enters Taurus, the meaning for each zodiac sign Impulsivity and the desire to come out as winners from every situation meet the love for comfort

So many transits to keep in mind! After Jupiter in Gemini and the New Moon (also in Gemini), it's now Mars' turn as it enters Taurus, bringing its combative energy. Dynamism, impulsiveness, assertiveness, and a burning desire to come out on top meet the desire for comfort, sensuality, and luxuries of this earth sign, governed by Venus. What will happen next?

Mars in Taurus: A Decisive Transit

This transit starts on June 9th and ends on July 20th, affecting areas of sex, action, inner motivation, courage, and anger. The last time Mars passed through Taurus was in the summer of 2022. What was your life like during that period? Think about it and try to understand what to expect now. The energy is the same, but you might be very different from who you were two years ago.

Focus Areas During This Period

Generally, there's a tendency to feel and manage our most intense emotions and to focus on goals related to earning, paying off debts, setting a budget for the coming months, and acquiring material possessions, because the sign of Taurus is also connected to financial matters. Another focus during this period will be self-confidence. If we feel undervalued, we tend to react angrily and impulsively. Working on self-confidence might be a good way to keep our negative emotions in check and find motivation in pursuing our goals with more conviction.

Mars Enters Taurus: What It Means for Each Zodiac Sign

  • Aries: Mars rules you, and you become ungovernable. Taurus pushes you to seek advantageous opportunities, especially financially. You'll feel financially centered.
  • Taurus: Mars influences you with its determination. You find it easier than usual to express what you want and think, both at work and with family and friends. You're confident, and it suits you perfectly.
  • Gemini: It's your season, and every transit (including this one) boosts your vitality. Make room for spirituality and calmness, even when it's hard. Stop gossiping!
  • Cancer: Focus on building a community around you. You need others, stop taking everything personally, and create connections.
  • Leo: You've been preparing for this upgrade, career-wise, for months. Don't let competition blind you, Taurus helps with its diplomacy.
  • Virgo: Thanks to Mars, you want to break free from your routine and trust your instincts. Surprise yourself, you can still do it.

  • Libra: Thank Mars for your desire to create deep relationships. Your sex life has never been this satisfying. Don't argue with your family over financial issues.
  • Scorpio: You struggle to understand others' viewpoints, and it might be Mars' fault, as well as your naturally stubborn nature. Collaboration is key, don't forget it!
  • Sagittarius: Your daily life is very hectic, and you're unsure how to handle this energy surge. You're finally learning to say no.
  • Capricorn: Mars focuses on your fun and lightheartedness. Keep your eyes open, seize the opportunities that come your way, but also learn to allow yourself some playfulness.
  • Aquarius: If you've been thinking about emailing a psychologist to start a therapy journey, now is the right time to hit send. You might have to argue with someone, but it's worth it.
  • Pisces: Your calendar is full of social engagements, and it exhausts you. At the same time, you can't quell your curiosity about the world and people. Nurture it, but make sure to rest.