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The Sun aligns with Venus in Gemini: it's the most romantic day of 2024

The meaning of the Venus Star Point for each sign

The Sun aligns with Venus in Gemini: it's the most romantic day of 2024 The meaning of the Venus Star Point for each sign

On June 4th, the Sun aligns with Venus in the sign of Gemini. This positive alignment blends the characteristics of Venus, the planet of love and friendship, with those of Gemini, the sign of communication and curiosity. What could go wrong? This transit, which promises a dose of fun and flirtatious energy and won't happen again until March 2025, guides us towards summer, and it’s no coincidence that the tarot cards have also predicted a series of flings.

The Venus Star Point in the words of Lisa Stardust

"This conjunction happens while the moon is in Taurus, making it even more fateful for romance. Saturn, the planet of commitment, comes into play, bringing decisive moments in relationships," explains Lisa Stardust to Parade. And remember, the beauty of cosmic love is that it can also be directed towards ourselves.

The Sun aligns with Venus in Gemini: the meaning for each sign

  • Aries: love yourself, Aries. Admire yourself, write love letters explaining why you’re proud of yourself. After this, you’ll move into romantic relationships with more confidence than usual.
  • Taurus: you are kind, balanced, and generous. Use these qualities, evoke them, and put them into practice on your romantic dates.
  • Gemini: you love receiving all the attention in the world, and soon you’ll be satisfied. You are highly desired, and you have Venus to thank.
  • Cancer: your powers of attraction are activated. Take a bath and dedicate yourself to manifesting all your desires, whether they are romantic or financial.
  • Leo: your optimism about life has never been sharper, Leo. If you’re single, keep your eyes open. If you’re in a relationship, prepare for months of joy and pleasure.
  • Virgo: it’s time to approach your love life as if it were a work project. It’s not about being dry, but about being practical. Don’t stop until you get what you deserve.

  • Libra: if you have questions, direct them inward. Forget any kind of external validation; only within yourself will you find the answers. Go out with a fellow Libra.
  • Scorpio: it’s time to work on clear and crystal-clear communication in all areas, but especially in romantic relationships. Read a book and focus, it’s important.
  • Sagittarius: someone has won or will soon win your heart. You will experience dreamlike months, completely taken by this new love. Be careful, though: don’t burn everything out too quickly.
  • Capricorn: if you start pampering and taking care of yourself, Capricorn, you will attract the energy of those who want to do the same. Buy a crystal to help you in your endeavor.
  • Aquarius: focus on letting go of old habits and past disappointments. Arm yourself with optimism and move forward; this new attitude makes you more attractive.
  • Pisces: you need to protect yourself, especially emotionally, from anyone who wants to harm you. Then you need to protect your relationships from the world. Focus, you can do it.