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Six planets have aligned: it's time to start manifesting

A very rare event and its meaning for all signs

Six planets have aligned: it's time to start manifesting A very rare event and its meaning for all signs

Tonight, while we were sleeping the sleep of the just, trying to prepare for the start of a new week, the sky offered us a fascinating spectacle: the alignment of six planets in the Solar System, lined up in the sky along with the Moon. A very rare event that greatly influences our power to manifest what we want and affects the zodiac signs.

Planetary Alignment: What Happened in the June Sky

Even though the planets involved in this phenomenon are six (Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn) in the sky between June 2 and 3, at dawn, only two were visible, Mars and Saturn, along with the Moon. In reality, although it is mistakenly called an alignment, what occurred was more of a conjunction: the planets follow a curve in the sky, but their apparent alignment is due to the fact that they orbit around the Sun along an imaginary line called the ecliptic. The orbital planes of the planets, although slightly inclined compared to that of the Earth, follow a similar path.

@nikkinamaste Parade of Planets on June 3rd. 20 minutes before the sunrise youll be able to see 6 planets in a straight line above the horizon #cosmos #space #universe #paradeofplanets #planetparade #jupiter #uranus #manifestation #traumawork #sunrise #intentions Killswitch Lullaby (Slowed + Reverb) - The Lonely Tree

The Power of Manifestation

Astrology and astronomy often merge. When these rare events occur, it is believed to be the perfect occasion to engage in manifestation, to express our desires and ask the universe to help us achieve them. The focus will be on prosperity, meaning gain in the broadest sense: not just economic, but also relational and emotional. And don't worry if you were sleeping and missed the planets visible to the naked eye; you can manifest today, just by concentrating on the right goals. Here are some small tips, no pressure.

What to Manifest for Each Sign

  • Aries: Manifest finding some calm in a chaotic period. It will benefit your mental health.
  • Taurus: Manifest gains in creativity. Your passions will take you far.
  • Gemini: Manifest a promotion at work. You're in great shape; it's the right time to take a leap forward.
  • Cancer: Manifest relational wealth. It's a wonderful time to build something lasting with someone you really like.
  • Leo: Manifest some relaxation; it will help you achieve more in all areas of your life.
  • Virgo: Manifest a better balance between work, love, and social life. Maybe, finally, everyone will understand how much you are worth.

  • Libra: Manifest reflection. Be careful not to invest too much in things you're unsure about; keep impulsiveness in check.
  • Scorpio: Manifest carefreeness. It's a superpower, and the planets are here to help you.
  • Sagittarius: Manifest rest, especially mental rest. You need to stop overthinking.
  • Capricorn: Manifest a significant return on investments. You're not rich, but you can stop worrying about money for a while.
  • Aquarius: Manifest physical well-being, which will lead to mental well-being. Take care of yourself and don't overdo it with the partying.
  • Pisces: Manifest a bit of emotional intelligence. You already have plenty, but you need all you can get.