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Pluto in Retrograde pushes us to analyze our life

What does it mean for each zodiac sign?

Pluto in Retrograde pushes us to analyze our life What does it mean for each zodiac sign?

May has arrived, and with it the monthly horoscope, urging us to go out and touch the grass. However, May will be a very special month when it comes to celestial movements. Divided between Taurus and Gemini, it will confuse us, also due to Pluto Retrograde. Let's try to understand how this transit will influence the zodiac signs, what are the characteristics of this planet, and what to expect in the coming weeks, which will also be marked by a Full Moon in Scorpio, Venus in Taurus, and Mars in Aries. Help!

Pluto, the planet of inner shadows

Pluto takes its name from the god of the underworld. Its purpose is to urge us to confront our inner shadows, to face all our most intimate beliefs and convictions head-on, to question them. To traverse old wounds never healed and emerge from them renewed, more aware and stronger. It is also the planet of death and regeneration, which pushes away everything toxic. It's time to get to work to ride this momentum with awareness, burn everything that is not useful to us, and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Easy, right?

What happens when Pluto is in Retrograde?

In 2024, this planet will be retrograde from May 2 to October 11, first in the sign of Aquarius and then in that of Capricorn. It is a very slow planet, which takes from 12 to 31 years to traverse each sign of the zodiac (and 248 years to move through all 12). This means that fully understanding how its retrogradation will influence our lives is difficult because it will do so subtly and almost imperceptibly. Emphasis on almost. When it moves through Aquarius (the planet of changes, long-term desires, technology, and progressive ideals), it will be time to give priority to inner work and to become aware of the dark sides of technology and social media.

Pluto Retrograde: Meaning for Each Zodiac Sign

  • Aries: Your social life has never been so intense. Take advantage of it to analyze these relationships, try to understand which ones are toxic. Something might make you rethink your long-term life plans. What a shake-up!
  • Taurus: Are your work relationships healthy? How are things with your superiors? To grow your career, you'll need to weed out the weeds. It's time for reflection.
  • Gemini: Pluto Retrograde will influence how you see the world, expanding your horizons and putting everything into question. This might cause some discomfort, but you'll emerge from it more confident in yourself and your convictions.
  • Cancer: You need to get to the root of your fears and heal them. It won't be easy. Ask yourself if you're growing in your long-term relationship, and don't be afraid of the answer. The result will be knowing yourself better.
  • Leo: Are you present enough in your relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and potential partners? Do you feel like you're doing your fair share of the work? Think about it, and expect a transformation.
  • Virgo: Change your habits, and let go of the idea of controlling everything. Intuition is everything: trust your creative power.

  • Libra: Think before you speak. Really though. Dedicate yourself to an artistic hobby to channel all your passion and creativity. To heal, you must let go of something.
  • Scorpio: Watch out for family relationships. Analyze them carefully, and act accordingly. Rethink yourself: what you thought you were may not be true. Question yourself.
  • Sagittarius: Pluto makes you intolerant of superficial chatter. Don't be so hard on yourself: you can achieve great results even without mistreating yourself.
  • Capricorn: Is what you do for a living aligned with what you believe in and your values? Get back to work building your security and mental strength, it's always worth it.
  • Aquarius: Pluto Retrograde, for you, will be a quiet and peaceful period, and finally! Plan your autumn calmly, delve into your spirituality, and discover something new about yourself and your beliefs.
  • Pisces: What do you need to feel deeply connected to the people in your life? Ask yourself and try to give yourself an answer. If you need it, organize a clarifying moment with those around you. Your priorities matter!