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The astrological season of Taurus

Eclipses, changes and love of nature: what happened and what we should expect from the most placid sign of the zodiac

The astrological season of Taurus Eclipses, changes and love of nature: what happened and what we should expect from the most placid sign of the zodiac

If you’re feeling like the ground has been slipping out from under your feet recently, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, we’re about to get come back down to earth. Taurus season is just around the corner, and what’s in store is a period of reflection, introspection, and healing energy.

April's sky: the eclipse

We just had two major eclipses — one lunar eclipse in Libra and one solar eclipse in Aries — in the past two weeks, which can only mean one thing: big changes. Eclipse season comes around every 6 months, highlighting a new area in our lives that is due for a change. You can think of eclipse season as a time of readjustment, where the universe ensures you’re in line with your destiny. The past 6 months with the North and South nodes in Aries and Libra have been all about inner work, introspection, and finding calm amidst the chaos, but eclipse seasons shook all that up with a few weeks of re-awakening new energy. Now that eclipse season has passed (thank god), look back at the past few weeks from March 25th to April 8th and reflect on any major changes or new insights that popped up. Eclipse season is all about setting you off on the right path, which sometimes can mean some drastic and difficult change, but it’s always worth it.

When Does Taurus Season Begin?

As we move into the end of April and beginning of May, we’re graced with Taurus season (from April 20 to May 20) which typically means a time of grounding. A welcome respite after two weeks of eclipse season. As an Earth sign, Taurus is all about stability. Specifically, we’re reminded of the nature around us as well as our own nature. Where you might see a lot of emphasis on Taurus as a lazy sign who enjoys the luxuries of life (which might not be untrue), Taurus is also a sign devoted to nature — the nature around it and the nature within it. 

What Can We Expect from Taurus Season?

Taurus season is a time of rejuvenation, where we can reconnect with ourselves after a few weeks of chaos. This is why it’s important to dig into the messages of the eclipse season as we transition from Aries to Taurus. What was illuminated in your life has a reason, and Taurus is the sign that asks you to dig deep, look into your nature — meaning, how you walk through the world and see the world — and adjust your life path accordingly. You might have seen changes spark up in your life with the recent eclipses. This could look like new people coming back into your life, old feelings resurfacing, or things leaving or entering your life. Whatever it is, be assured that it’s happened for a reason. As we move into Taurus season, you’re reminded of your own nature — your power and way of walking through this world — which allows you to embrace, reflect, and open yourself up to the opportunities that eclipse season presented to you. If it’s overwhelming, we understand. Take a breath and remember, your future is in your own hands — these are just the tools to take hold of what’s meant for you. Maybe, organize a picnic

Celebrities of the Taurus Zodiac Sign

Let's make a list of the Italian and international celebrities born during this period. There's the immortal icon of American music, Cher. Then also George Clooney, Ambra Angiolini, and Megan Fox. Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Uma Thurman are also part of this constellation. Lastly, David Beckham, Adele, and Linda Evangelista are Tauruses. What a sign of beauties!