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Everything you need to know about the Solar Eclipse in Aries

And how to survive the headbutts of the sky

Everything you need to know about the Solar Eclipse in Aries And how to survive the headbutts of the sky
Yes indeed: the sky has welcomed the first eclipse cycle of 2024! Today, on April 8th, a total solar eclipse will be observed, with the new moon in the sign of Aries. Although the phenomenon will only be visible to people in Central and North America, its effects will be felt across all zodiac signs, no one excluded. Let's start with the basics and try to understand more.

Solar eclipse, what is it?

Astronomically, an eclipse indicates the moment when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. As a result of this movement, the sunlight is obscured by the Moon. When it's a total eclipse, this happens completely: only the solar corona is visible. Astrologically, the Solar Eclipse occurs concurrently with the New Moon of the current month and on the axis of the lunar nodes. The sign that characterizes this event is the sign of Aries, the first of all zodiac signs, the initiator par excellence. This movement emphasizes the lunar energy of the moment. Usually, the time of the eclipse is a transformative moment, chaotic but necessary to move forward and evolve, difficult to accept but something we must deal with.

Let's look at the sky

The last solar eclipse in the sign of Aries dates back to April 2023, less than a year ago. We need to observe the movements in the long term, understand that we are inside a cycle. Within this particular cycle, it will be essential to learn to balance ourselves and others, to deal with the collective dimension of our lives. These eclipses, in fact, focus entirely on relationships, while Aries goes in the opposite direction, towards individuality. With the arrival of the Eclipse, therefore, we might experience some difficulty in dealing with others, in making compromises, and in acquiescing to others' wills, collaborating peacefully. It is certainly possible to continue some relationships, but it's important to prioritize our own needs, dreams, and projects. Harness the energy of the Aries warrior, ready to fight, to engage without hesitation. Your actions matter!

Tips for facing the solar eclipse unscathed

The signs that will be most affected during this eclipse phase will be the fire and air signs, but above all the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Here's what to keep in mind:
- Seek clarity. The sky is enveloped in transits in Aries, therefore: no beating around the bush, let's try to be focused in the concepts and thoughts we want to express, especially during this phase followed by Mercury Retrograde.
- Go with the flow. The Eclipse will bring about transformation. Be careful not to force the cycle, everything needs to be embraced, understood, and accepted. It's not advisable to go against the change that will come.
- Listen to our emotions and needs. We are in the midst of a lunar phase, it's normal to be more susceptible, unable to rid ourselves of our emotions, even negative ones. Therefore, let's try to spend some time with ourselves and not force ourselves to spend time in the company if we don't want to, even if it's friends, partners, or relatives.