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Venus enters Pisces: what does it mean for each zodiac sign?

We will feel all the power of love

Venus enters Pisces: what does it mean for each zodiac sign? We will feel all the power of love

From Monday, March 11th, Venus changes sign, leaving Aquarius to enter Pisces, where it will join the New Moon, the Sun, Saturn, Neptune, and will remain until Friday, April 5th. This astrological event will deeply influence love and the sentimental field. Magic is in the air. Everything becomes possible: love at first sight, cosmic connections, fairy-tale endings, marriages, situationships. It's the perfect time to plunge headfirst into a love story, to follow your heart, to daydream, and to experience the beauty of the world. All signs will feel sweeter and more empathetic than usual. The world seen through rose-colored glasses will make hearts beat and make us all believe in the existence of a soulmate.

What does Venus represent in astrology?

Venus enters Pisces: what does it mean for each zodiac sign? We will feel all the power of love | Image 491207

Venus is the second from the Sun and is also the closest to Earth. Its exceptional brightness makes it the brightest celestial body in the night sky after the Sun and the Moon. That's why the ancients called it the Morning Star or the Evening Star until, fascinated by its light, they gave it the name Venus, like the goddess of beauty and love, born from the foam of the sea. In astrology, Venus rules Taurus and Libra. It is the planet connected to love, pleasure, our relationship with our body and sexuality, charm, artistic taste, but also our system of values and financial security. It corresponds to our perception of harmony, bliss, and abundance. Having Venus in the sign influences the approach to emotions, the search for a partner, and the view of romance. If well positioned in a natal chart, it bestows charisma, artistic talent, a keen eye for aesthetics and the beautiful things in life, as well as a magnetic personality and a knack for diplomacy.

The connection between Venus and Pisces

Venus enters Pisces: what does it mean for each zodiac sign? We will feel all the power of love | Image 491206

Pisces is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. They are ruled by Neptune, representing creativity and dreams, and by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and philosophy. Venus, on the other hand, represents our values, relationships, and aesthetic inclinations. When their energies meet, we feel encouraged to perform acts of kindness, are driven towards unconditional love, empathy, and sacrifice. Those with Venus in Pisces in their natal chart tend to be in love with love and, blinded by their feelings, may experience great disappointments.

The effects of Venus in Pisces


During the transit of Venus in Pisces, Cupid will shoot many of his arrows, and there will be overwhelming passions and great loves. All zodiac signs will be more in tune with our emotions and will experience a type of deep, spiritual love that transcends the boundaries of time and space. It's a time of extreme romance, almost blinding. Everyone will seem good, beautiful, charming, irresistible, perfect, but getting lost in this hypnotic love spell often leads to neglecting the warning signs in relationships. We should be careful not to fall in love with an idealized image of something or someone. Otherwise, reality will bring bitter disappointments. Let's trust Venus and open our hearts to others, but let's try not to forget ourselves, not to deplete our energy, and not allow people to take advantage of our feelings.


What happens to each zodiac sign when Venus enters Pisces:


You don't have to believe in magic to accept that fairy tales can come true. With Venus in Pisces, your soulmate could materialize out of nowhere.


Venus enters your networking sector. Download a dating app or chat with an interesting stranger.


Show off your charm and unique sense of humor. Something more could come from a laugh.


Expect the unexpected in the next four weeks. If you can, go on a trip. The spark with your crush will ignite there.


Awaken the hotness with a belly dance or Kundalini Yoga class.


Take the first step and "put a ring on it."


Love yourself first. Treat yourself to a nice beauty treatment before others.


Hotness off the charts and a desire to wear a white dress.


There's no place like home, Sagittarius. Even decorating your nest is a gesture of love.


Get back in the game. Flirting is fun.


Loving yourself is important. If you like that dress in the window, buy it. No regrets.


You'll be more romantic than Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook.