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Hand reading is the next esoteric trend

Not only horoscopes, crystals and tarots: now it's getting serious

Hand reading is the next esoteric trend Not only horoscopes, crystals and tarots: now it's getting serious

We've confided in horoscopes, hoping they'd explain why we are who we are, why we behave as we do, why our partner left us on Valentine's Day, and why our boss hates us. We've needed to blame the stars, to seek solace in crystals that aid in self-assurance or love life, and in tarot cards, to lighten our minds by having someone else tell us what it means to be born when we were born, to have an earthy ascendant and a fiery moon, what's in our birth chart. The impulse is understandable, deeply human: we want to know who we are but are afraid to find out on our own. And we absolutely don't want to take the blame ourselves.

Palm Reading: Origins and History

Now, to this collection of practices often borrowed from non-Western peoples and civilizations, palm reading is added. What does it consist of? In practice, experts in the field observe the palms of our hands, the lines that cross them, their length, thickness, and their meeting or crossing; they could explain to us how our life will go, who we are, who we'll meet, and what will happen in our future. The origins of this method of predicting the future are obscure and ancient. Similar practices are recorded across Asia, from Nepal to China, and in the Mediterranean, between Greece and Egypt. Historically, the peoples who read palm lines were the Sumerians, Babylonians, Arabs, Persians, and others. However, moving from place to place often reveals differences in the ways lines are interpreted. This is also why palm reading is called a pseudo-science.

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What Do We Want to Know from Our Palms?

The questions are always the same. We're searching for knowledge and self-assurance in ourselves, on how to manage our finances and relationships, on what our operating mechanisms are, on how to dismantle or modify them. In February, being the month of Valentine's Day, we're interested in our future love life, understanding how we position ourselves in potential romantic entanglements. Palm reading can be a great help in this. Lisa Stardust explained it to Teen Vogue, outlining her method and paying great attention to the heart line, naturally. Currently, more and more users on social media are explaining the basics of this pseudo-science. In short, it seems we've understood what the next trend for TikTok witches will be.


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What to Look for to Discover It?

There are many methods, many conventions and beliefs. Even though some palm reading specialists focus only on one, others believe that both should be looked at. The non-dominant hand, whichever it is, shows our personality and nature, our character. The dominant one, instead, gives us insights into how these characteristics are used in daily practice. Together, they open a window into how a person utilizes their potential in their life. Even the shapes of the hands influence the reading. Then we move on to the lines. The main ones are immediately recognizable: there's the heart line, the head line, the life line, and the fate line, which isn't present in all palms. All these elements together could reveal something about ourselves and, who knows, about our future.

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Without losing sight of reality, for better or worse

Some believe in it, some don't, some approach these practices with a certain amount of skepticism, cautiously. The important thing, regardless of attitudes, is to not completely surrender to the movements of the stars, to palm lines, to crystals and tarot cards, and to retain a certain percentage of agency in one's life. Taking responsibility, deciding consciously, not "obeying" or being too influenced by anything is the key to staying in control of one's existence, even when it's scary.