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How CEOs use Astrology

This just in: astrology isn’t just for the girls

How CEOs use Astrology This just in: astrology isn’t just for the girls

CEOs around the world have been using astrologers as consultants for major business decisions for centuries. Shocked? So are we. Only recently has astrology become widely socially acceptable. For years, astrology and people who believed in it were looked down on as those who believed in the whimsical and occult. The study of astrology was widely marketed as a pseudo-science and considered a hippie, new-age belief up until the past few years. Nowadays, it feels like it’s a battle between different astrology apps vying to give you a daily horoscope. Nearly everyone has heard of Co-Star, and personal astrological signs are worn like a badge of honor, with people using their Big Three (Sun, Ascendant and Moon) to understand themselves and the world around them.

J. P. Morgan and astrology

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Funnily enough, even though astrology has been slandered publicly for decades, one of the business world’s best-kept secrets is astrology. The billionaire (by today’s standards) John Pierpont Morgan, founder of J. P. Morgan and Co., is quoted as saying, “Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do.” John Morgan, who was born in 1837 and around the start of modernization, was apparently a firm believer in astrology more than a century before it would be considered acceptable. Morgan even had a pocket watch designed to show him the alignment of the planets at any given moment in time.

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Nancy Reagan and astrology in the White House

Former First Lady of the United States of America, Nancy Reagan, was famously criticized for bringing her personal astrologer, Joan Quigley, into the White House. The Reagan administration had to make public statements informing the American public that astrology wasn’t playing a role in the decision-making of the President. However, in Joan’s memoir reflecting on her seven years in the White House, she states that she was “responsible for timing all press conferences, most speeches, the State of the Union addresses, the takeoffs and landings of Air Force One.”

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Over the past hundred and fifty years, there’s been a huge shift in how people in power think about astrology. While J.P. Morgan was slightly more open about his beliefs in astrology, he and Nancy Reagan had to be careful in how they discussed their use of it for fear of undermining their business or presidential decisions. Today, there are more astrologers advertising personal readings than ever before. There are entire TikTok rabbit holes dedicated to teaching how astrology can help your business, with claims that modern-day CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and public officials have astrologers on speed dial for any urgent advice.

Who is Jennifer Freed, the VIP astrologer

While we’re not privy to the private conversations between astrologers and their clients, one thing is certain—people in power are still using astrology to help them in business, finance, and life. Jennifer Freed, a psychological astrologist and personal astrologer to Gwyneth Paltrow, has a waitlist of more than a year and a list of clients ranging from founders to stylists. Most of today’s celebs and CEOs have one yearly meeting with an astrologer, where they get a glimpse of what to expect that year in an hour-long session.

The thoughts of Micki Pellerano

NYC-based astrologer to the stars Micki Pellerano was recently quoted as saying, “You don’t need to reach out for a consult every time you want a haircut or every time you get into the car to buy groceries, but if something is important, it’s good to check in.” So, while the wealthy and elite probably do have astrologers on speed dial, it’s important to keep in mind that astrology isn’t a crystal ball that can be used to make every little decision for you. It seems most people use astrology to help align dates for specific big occasions—presentations, meetings, speeches, mergers, acquisitions, performances, etc.

@uncommoncrowd #greenscreen I freelanced for an Astrologer for quite a while, which helped me to understand that astrology isnt as woo as you might think. It’s actually based on centuries of pattern recognition. Using astrology in my business has taken things to the next level. Check out BizmosCEO at @Ryan’s Astrology #freelance #freelancer #ceo #smallbusiness #astrology original sound - Uncommon Crowd
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If you’re considering getting a private reading to better understand yourself and the current astrological climate, do some research first. Not every person claiming to be an astrologer is one, and not everything an astrologer says should be taken so seriously. Astrology is a tool used by CEOs and normal people alike, but it isn’t an all-knowing science that can guarantee different aspects of your future.