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The effects of the Full Moon in Gemini

Communication, learning and relief from the burdens of our lives

The effects of the Full Moon in Gemini Communication, learning and relief from the burdens of our lives

On Monday, 27 November 2023, at 10:16 am, the full moon enters Gemini. In astrology, every full moon gives us the opportunity to shed light on ourselves, on what we keep hidden, and to let go of real and emotional baggage in order to move more easily into the future. As the Full Moon is ruled by the third sign of the zodiac this time, it is full of talkative, curious and frenetic energy, with a clear focus on communication, learning, curiosity and adaptability. Therefore, we may need to pay more attention to relationships, social life and workplace dynamics these days. And, if necessary, restore balance.

What is the Full Moon of the Beaver?

The November full moon used to be called the Sole Moon, Frost Moon, Dark Moon and in China the White Moon by the Celts, but it is better known as the Beaver Moon. The nickname comes from the Native Americans and refers to the time of year when the beavers store their supplies for the winter and retreat to their lodges. In the northern hemisphere, this moon marks the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. In pagan traditions, it is also known as the mourning moon because it is the last full moon before the winter solstice and is the perfect time to let go of past problems or pain and so move into a new season and a new year without fear.

What is the spiritual significance of the full moon in Gemini?

The end of the year is approaching and the full moon in November can help us to say goodbye to all the unnecessary burdens that we have accumulated over the course of 2023 and that we could take with us into 2024. The Beaver Moon prompts us to ask ourselves: "What aspects of our lives have become too burdensome?" and "What is it that is taking up and draining our energy?" While we should re-evaluate relationships and everything in our lives and utilise the powerful cleansing energies that the Full Moon brings so that we can approach 2024 with more ease and fluidity, its position in Gemini, the planet of communication, logic and travel, also raises questions about our relationships and the way we communicate with others. For example: "Do we have time for good conversations that stimulate our intellect?", "Are we expressing ourselves fully with our words?". With an abundance of thoughts, questions and opinions to discuss, a surge of intellectual curiosity and a desire to express ideas, this is a great time to socialise, spend time with friends, chat or exchange messages, network or fill our social calendar with events. On a collective level, this lunation emphasises the importance of open communication and sharing perspectives, reminding us not only of the importance of expressing ourselves properly, but also of the need to listen in order to understand.

The Full Moon in Gemini and the other planets

Every Full Moon brings emotional turbulence, so watch out for irritability and frustration. Especially when you consider the position of the other planets and how they interact with each other and influence our behaviour and sensitivity. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is in Sagittarius and forms an exact square with Neptune in Pisces. When the planets are in square to each other, this brings tension and conflict. Mercury rules the mind, while Neptune, the planet of illusions and fantasy, rules our imagination, so a conflict between our dreams and reality is likely. Saturn, which is responsible for rules and boundaries, is also square the Moon; we may get the feeling that something is trying to control our emotions and we should remember the importance of setting boundaries and looking after our health and well-being despite everything if we realise that someone is making us uncomfortable. Finally, the Moon, which controls our emotions, is opposite Mars, which controls our will and our actions. Its influence will make us face conflicts with more confidence. But be careful how we express ourselves. Let's try not to overdo it to avoid undermining relationships we want to keep happy.

The effects of the Full Moon in Gemini in November 2023 on the individual signs of the zodiac:


Open your heart and your home to the people you care about. Dedicate yourself to your family and friends instead of spending all your time working. A word of advice: resolve to only do what you really want to achieve and thus harmonise your work and private life.


Make sure you don't blow all your savings on Christmas presents. Try to stick to a budget and if you feel undervalued in your job and lack passion, now is the time to make a change.


Go out and shine! Now is the time to confidently tackle the next chapter of your life and fully realise yourself.


Let go of your past once and for all. Take advantage of the full moon to do some soul-searching and relax.


You don't want to change, but the full moon is forcing you to evolve. Ask yourself: "Who do I want to be in the world?" Take a small step towards this vision.


You are magnaticə. The Full Moon in Gemini gives you an extra dose of confidence to realise the opportunities you want for your career.


Repeat to yourself like a mantra: "I deserve good things" Come to terms with what you can't change and experience new things without fear.


Love may knock on your door. Let go of fears, past pain and negative beliefs.


Be brave, Sagittarius! Step out of your comfort zone and express your feelings. Now is the time to bring love and romance into your life and feel the flame in your heart being rekindled.


Listen to yourselfə. Focus on your health and general wellbeing. Sleep more, change your skincare routine, do yoga, be your first priority.


You will be a burst of creativity. Dedicate yourself to art, literature, manifestation, a hobby.


Your personal life is in a state of flux. Don't let your past clearly define who you will be or want to be.