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The effects of the New Moon in Virgo

Word of mouth: planning a fresh start

The effects of the New Moon in Virgo Word of mouth: planning a fresh start

On September 14, 2023, at 9:39 pm EST, the September 2023 New Moon will peak in Virgo. According to astrology, this is the perfect time to bring order to our lives, as we will feel the energy of a fresh new beginning and a desire to chart and pursue new goals and plan steps to take in the coming months. When, as in this case, the New Moon is in an Earth sign, it is good to focus on welcoming the chaos, transformation and conclusions, putting us in a favourable situation for the future we desire. During the New Moon, the heavens call us to end toxic relationships, to get rid of too many things and situations that weigh us down and prevent us from channelling our energies to implement our plans.


What is meant by a New Moon?

The New Moon is the phase that marks the beginning of a new month in the lunar calendar. It occurs when the Moon and Sun meet at the same degree in the sky and form a conjunction. At this time, the visible hemisphere of the moon is completely in shadow.


The New Moon in September 2023 and the other planets

The September 2023 New Moon fits into a particularly interesting sky that affects the perception and spiritual significance it has for each sign of the zodiac. This New Moon in the 22nd degree of the sign Virgo is in dialogue with the three major planets of change - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, all of which are retrograde. Mars and Venus are the only ones direct and in harmonic aspect at the time of the New Moon, while Jupiter is in Taurus. How will this affect us all? Mercury, which is retrograde (but only until May 15, when it becomes direct again), brings us back and enables us to find the right solutions and correct the mistakes that have held us back in the past. Retrograde Uranus in Taurus provides an element of surprise, while retrograde Neptune in Pisces could cause confusion and in some cases bring secret things to light.



What is the spiritual significance of the New Moon in Virgo?


The New Moon brings a sense of hope and new beginnings. This September it is in Virgo, the master of planning, micromanagement and precision; so we may feel the urge awakening to organise our lives. No wonder we feel the need to tidy up emotionally or wake up in the middle of the night to make detailed to-do lists and plan every single moment of the weeks ahead. This phase of the moon will give many people greater consistency in completing small and large commitments, but beware of burnout. Once we have outlined our goals and how we want to achieve them, the trick is to optimise our energy by setting our own personal parameters for success. We must remember that comparison is the thief of joy, and it is important that our success does not depend on the perceived successes of the people we admire. Virgo is a sign that likes to manage its time effectively and get things done. As the New Moon is in this sign, this is an excellent time to tidy up and simplify routines. It is important not to be overwhelmed by commitments, to prioritise and cut out the unimportant so that we can better focus on actionable goals.


The effects of the New Moon in September 2023 on the individual signs of the zodiac


Beware of sudden expenditure. Maturity also means you know how to handle finances; ask yourself, do I really need that third gin and tonic?


Think: What could be really good for you this month? Learning more about yourself could be the most rewarding experience.


Your home will be your castle, no decluttering, just restructuring and lots of pampering.


Share your dreams and aspirations. Never hide away. Be yourself and light the sacred stake.


Your values come first this month. Don't be hypocritical, but always shine as the queen you're.


Virgo, what are you afraid of? Embrace your authenticity and tune out the haters.


How can you embrace all these changes? Enjoy your show, even if it looks more like a play sometimes.


Think nothing will happen? The real action is backstage where it all happens. At least there's popcorn!


If you could choose any place in the world to stay, which would it be? Why the one furthest away from your city? Don't be afraid to say "no"


Stop looking for a reason for everything, including entertainment. It's time to rediscover your free time; you don't need a specific reason.


While you're figuring out where you're and what you're doing, make sure you're taking care of yourself and not always seeking approval from others.


We've learned you're a fan of cutecore, but childhood is over. Pisces, focus on finding your inner balance.