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Jupiter retrograde: here's what happens to each zodiac sign

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus from Sept. 4 until Dec. 30, 2023 will propel each sign toward its destiny

Jupiter retrograde: here's what happens to each zodiac sign Jupiter retrograde in Taurus from Sept. 4 until Dec. 30, 2023 will propel each sign toward its destiny

It was a summer marked by retrograde planetary movements. And it is not over yet. Now Jupiter also begins its retrograde path, which will last until December 30. Jupiter, known as the benevolent major because it instils joy, knowledge and wisdom, also brings good fortune in retrograde and opens the door to extraordinary opportunities to expand the mind, explore the world and seize every opportunity. His good vibrations and energetic spirit encourage us to make the most of our potential. But how?


What does Jupiter stand for in astrology?

In Western astrology, Jupiter is associated with the principle of growth, expansion, prosperity and happiness, but it also acts like a magnifying glass, amplifying everything it comes into contact with. As the planet of abundance, its purpose is to strive for more of everything, including expanding one's knowledge and horizons. As a kind of cosmic expander, Jupiter magnifies everything it touches, both positively and negatively, so its transits help you follow your instincts and move confidently towards your destiny. The only possible downside? He can make you go the extra mile.



What Jupiter retrograde means

All planets in the solar system (except the Sun and Moon) make retrograde motion, which means it's a simple visual phenomenon where the planet appears to move backwards periodically. When a planet is in a retrograde state, it slows down and all its properties decrease on an inner plane. In the particular case that Jupiter is retrograde, its expansive energy is directed inwards, towards reflection and inner growth. It is a good time to reflect on studies, practises, philosophies and other activities that help us overcome difficult times and motivate us to embrace the future.


Jupiter's retrograde in Taurus


From September 4, 2023 to December 30, 2023, Jupiter will be retrograde in Taurus. This phenomenon affects our ideas, plans and relationships, asking us to reconsider and review our decisions. We have four months of uncertainty and volatile developments ahead of us, slowing down all growth processes and forcing us to reorganise everything in the best, most logical and sustainable way. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus asks us to take our time before rushing headlong into things, to take care of ourselves first and then to devote ourselves more decisively and precisely to work, relationships and every other aspect of our lives. And all by taking a more practical (and successful) approach to our goals.


What happens to each zodiac sign with Jupiter retrograde


Calm down and take a breath. Don't act on impulse. You may have difficulty getting things done.


Watch your wallet (no, you don't need that pair of shoes). Jupiter is retrograde and testing you financially.


Be open to conversations and new things. You may change your mind about something or feel like learning something new.


The focus for you is spirituality and your sensitivity. Listen to your inner voice.


Your social life could be a little complicated. Remember the saying "better little than good" and try to be more tolerant of others.


"Work hard, play hard". Be prepared for thoughts about your work and career. Be determined and ambitious, but also more realistic.



You have a desire to do new things. Be curious and adventurous, but also cautious and responsible.


Something is changing in you. You get in touch with your strongest feelings. Respect them and arm yourself with courage.


S.O.S. in love. You could experience crises or surprises with your partner.


Keyword: health and well-being. You could have physical or psychological problems or improvements.


It's like you're living in an episode of Art Attack! Let your spontaneity and creativity run wild, but don't neglect organisation.


You'll rediscover your roots and your family. You may have memories or return from the past.