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What is the real function of astrology?

An instrument for better self understanding and life quality, according to our astrologer

What is the real function of astrology? An instrument for better self understanding and life quality, according to our astrologer

Astrology is a symbolic language that has always been used to give an explanation to the linkage of what happens on earth and what happens in heaven, so-called transits. And it is from here, from the interpretation of the transits in our natal chart, that an important path of self-exploration begins in order to understand that we are so much more than all that.Over the years I have noticed that all the people who think astrology is hogwash or worse, a scam, have never gone beyond knowing their own zodiac sign. Of course, if you base a judgment on the tip of the iceberg of a world as vast as it is ancient, you cannot be surprised that you fail to understand certain mechanisms. First of all, we are much more than our zodiac sign. There is not only the zodiac sign defined by different characteristics that unite and unite groups of people born under a similar sky, but many placements that determine the facets of each person's personality. Have you ever seen your natal chart? It is a tool that takes a picture of the sky at the moment you are born, indicating not only the famous sign, ascendant and moon, but also the position of each of the 12 signs, which are within us and manifest in some way. From here you can understand, based on the transits in the sky, the signs and their placements in the houses can activate , or not.

As an astrologer, one aspect I like about astrology is to use it as a magnifying glass through which to look within ourselves and into our lives. I think this is the real use of natal chart reading and monthly horoscopes today, beyond predicting the future and charting the fortunes of loved ones, although in divinatory practice these elements subsist to this day.  Since I began studying astrology I have realized why some of my behaviors,and especially what limits I have self-imposed on myself without realizing that to everything there is an explanation. This has led me to be much more reflective and to look inside myself as I had never done before. It's not always easy to accept ourselves as we are but we have to build awareness that we can improve if we want to, and that is never a given. And I think astrology today helps us do just that: accept ourselves and make us more aware of how we are, understanding that everything, good and bad, can be turned into something good for ourselves in so many different areas of life. In addition, another aspect that I find very interesting and at the same time consoling is that we are all in the same boat or, rather, we are all born under the same sky. 

For example, the traits that are considered common to different zodiac signs often seen as stereotypes, actually bring people together and give them a sense of belonging to a group. Personally I consider it obnoxious of my sun and moon sign (Sagittarius)and my habit of being a serial procrastinator. But at least it reassures me that I can see this trait in other Sagittarius and breathe a sigh of relief. This consideration in the lowest moments of my life helps me see things from a different perspective and makes me realize that I am not alone. We all have strengths, weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, and perhaps selfishly, finding them in others makes me more at peace with myself. Often when we believe we are the only people who have a certain characteristic that we consider negative, we feel different and think "but why me!" Talking about it with others and sharing the same "ills" that those who have different Sagittarius placements are very likely to be like I am is reassuring. Another reassuring thing is that we all have weaknesses and strengths, and this does not make us more or less than others, but simply the same. The thought that we are not static people but perpetually evolving and being able to work on ourselves if some behavior is not making us feel good is comforting.


But not only toward ourselves, self-acceptance also involves a conscious practice of feeling empathy for others in their missteps as well. It is important to change perspective and welcome faults and merits as part of a big cycle. Just as happiness, sadness, kindness and curiosity are temporary in daily life, the traits we group into the "that's just the way I am" can also be temporary if we want them to be. Astrological transits can inspire us under this 'perspective, everything cyclically changes and transforms. Of course, we won't stop going to therapy when we need to or postpone all commitments, but by realizing this,it is possible to access better awareness, work on it and smooth out one side of one's personality. You just have to be aware of it. Self-acceptance also comes from the slow and steady realization that we are lovable and complete people at all times, regardless of how unfit or up to the task we may feel. So I would like to reassure skeptics who consider astrology to be a scam or a false prediction of the future, it is nothing of the sort; in fact, perhaps it is a gentle way of approaching oneself without pretension.