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The effects of Mars Retrograde on each zodiac sign

What the planet's motion in retrograde means

The effects of Mars Retrograde on each zodiac sign What the planet's motion in retrograde means

One of the most feared and revered planets in astrology is definitely Mars. It represents energy, impulses, instinct, action, passion, ambition and courage. But what happens when this planet is in retrograde motion? Mars will be retrograde until January 12, 2023, and we are sure to see some good things. Let's find out together the meaning of this retrograde mode and its effects on each zodiac sign, trying as always to see the favorable side for one's personal growth, strengthening our strength in creating our own reality and going to use the influences on the end of this year and the beginning of the next in a positive way

When a planet is in retrograde motion we are certain that the stars will push us to greater introspection. This is an ideal time to reevaluate dynamics in different areas of our lives, retrace our steps, tie up loose ends and roll up our sleeves to solve certain problems. If put to good use, this period of reflection and revision can also lead to great personal growth. As always when the planets are in retrograde motion today's fatigue is will be tomorrow's pride: in astrology, moments of retrograde are defined as moments of transition that force us to face problems avoided so far so as to leave the old and embrace the new.

But what role will Mars retrograde play in everyday life? 

The planet of action will force us to rethink the way we act according to our impulses. In addition, being in the sign of Gemini, it will touch on the subject of communication and how we position ourselves toward others. The goal is to build an increasingly calm and direct dialogue with other people, without being driven by aggressive instincts that lead us to say things we do not want to. Since being more argumentative will be the order of the day, our advice is to sniff out misunderstandings and arguments that lead nowhere from a distance and try to avoid them already in the bud. This will allow you to protect your energy and reflect a little more on the things that happen. 

January 12, 2023, at the time when Mars resumes its direct motion, will be a time of deep emotional intimacy and transformation. The end of Mars Retrograde could lead to deep and vulnerable conversations that will allow us to grow even closer to others, improving our capacity for understanding and empathy.

Now let's see how will Mars Retrograde affect each zodiac sign?

Aries: Carə Aries, you will feel this Mars Retrograde so much! Think back to the way you communicate to others, especially in the family sphere. You often lose your temper and this never leads to anything good, reflect on it.

Taurus: Mars Retrograde will challenge your certainties, particularly in the economic sphere. Don't take anything for granted and think about how to cope with possible unforeseen events.

Gemini: How many times have you wanted to speak but preferred to keep silent? Here, Mars Retrograde invites you to always speak your mind, with special attention to manners though. Don't put filters on yourself for fear of being judgedə.

Cancer: With this Mars transit you may feel detachedə from everyday life and immersed in your imaginary world. Things are rushing past you and you feel at the mercy of events and what is happening to you. Take a moment to pause and figure out where you stand.

Leo: Don't waste time chasing impossible issues. Accept that to be bondedə you don't have to agree on everything. One lesson you might take home post Mars Retrograde is that sometimes it's not really worth it to splurge.

Virgo: Great time for personal rediscovery, especially in the work area. You often feel that all the effort and commitment you're putting in isn't leading to a result. You think no one realizes how important your presence is, and because of this, self-esteem wavers. Trust that this moment will pass and in the meantime do not give up your personal life for work. 

Libra: Mars Retrograde brings an important moment of realization: things don't always go as we expected. So instead of despairing, why not try to look at the situation from a different point of view? 

Scorpio: Putting boundaries in place is a theme very dear to you Scorpio. You hardly trust anyone and tend to put up high walls and show no one your most vulnerable side. Mars Retrograde will try to make you reflect that often this attitude leads to an exclusion of others from your life. What do you really share with people?

Sagittarius: The focus will be on discussions carə Sagittarius. The way your impulse takes over even the most futile discussions is something to deal with. Too much energy misspent, be more compresivə and accepting.

Capricorn: It's time to rethink your routine and the way you pace your daily routine. You often take yourself too seriously and don't allow yourself to relax between duties. Pleasure is also important, and you always put it last.

Aquarius: How difficult is it when you would like to cultivate your creativity and self-expression but just can't? Here, Mars Retrograde will have this effect on you, making it difficult to concentrate, particularly when you have to produce something of your own. This is where distraction helps, experiencing external situations that could help you regain your much-loved creativity.

Pisces: Clashing with your family is complex and never fun. And thinking "it's always been that way anyway" doesn't help. Family sharing times are approaching, and the goal is to survive and protect your sanity. So don't spark an argument with people from another generation who will probably never understand you. The only confirmation you need to seek is the one within yourself.