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The side effects of the lunar eclipse in Scorpio

How to survive one of the most intense events of the period

The side effects of the lunar eclipse in Scorpio  How to survive one of the most intense events of the period

Most astrology buffs know that every month there is a new moon in the sky, an important event that allows the seeds to be planted on those days for new things to happen. And eclipses? That's a different story. On Friday, May 5, we will witness the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, a particularly intense event that will shake up many areas of our lives from that day forward. But it will not be the only decisive event that will occur in the astral picture. In fact, on May 5 at 7 pm, the Sun will be at 14 degrees in the sign of Taurus, in conjunction with Uranus, the planet of changes and ruptures, setting the right stage to reveal great emotional and sentimental truths without diplomacy.

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio indicates a new beginning that needs some issues to be concluded in order to be realised. To do things in order, nothing new can begin if a circle is closed first, can it? This Eclipse will manifest itself in an area of our lives where we have sacrificed so much and it is here that there will be this thirst for newness.

As mentioned earlier, the eclipse in Scorpio coincides with the Full Moon, also known as the Full Flower Moon, and means that we are ready for an important and necessary change. So at this time we need to ask ourselves if there are energies, habits, situations or people we want to let go of and start again to build our future.

This eclipse invites us to eliminate what no longer serves us by listening to our deepest needs. In fact, the only way to move forward with ease will be to cut off the dead branches that no longer make flowers, ça va sans dire. But that is not all. In fact, this Eclipse will occur on the Southern Lunar Node, which in astrology symbolises the karmic past. We are therefore at an important time to deal with negative emotions from the past, which we have unconsciously repressed such as fear, anger, grief and trauma. For this reason it will not be all roses and flowers, but this event will prepare the ground for experiencing an emotionally complex yet stimulating time, making us ready to move forward and allow new beginnings to present themselves in life.

Also on May 7, Venus enters Cancer and conjoins Mars in Cancer, reinforcing our desire for home, safety and security. Therefore, it will be important to address the issue of relationships. During this period of transformation, you must therefore ask yourself some fundamental questions: What should you change in your relationship? How do you feel? How do you position yourself towards others? Are you satisfied* with the way you experience love? The energy here is powerful, so the opportunity must be missed to use it to your advantage in order to help yourself provide answers. Trusting your intuition will in fact be the key to managing everything, even your emotions. At this time it is important to reflect on the connection between illusion and reality in our relationships. For it can happen that we have a relationship while living in the illusion of a person, imagining them in our minds as something they are not in reality. So it will take a lot of introspection, self-analysis and pure and sincere listening to one's own thoughts and feelings to figure out how to proceed. The confusion will be great, but after the storm settles, everything will seem clearer and simpler.