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What does "Uranus Retrograde" mean for each zodiac sign?

Here's what it means

What does Uranus Retrograde mean for each zodiac sign? Here's what it means

From August 24 to January 22, 2023, Uranus, the planet of revolution will be in retrograde motion bringing some major reevaluations into our lives. Are you readyə? If you didn't know, the planet of change is domiciled in the sign of Aquarius, just signifying how important it will be during these months to question and reinvent ourselves. When a slow-moving planet like Uranus is retrograde, one should not be frightened; its effects are much less "heavy" than with a Mercury in retrograde motion. We can say that Uranus will influence our long-term goals, opening the door to change. During periods of retrograde motion we are very likely to witness sudden discoveries, revelations and unexpected events. It is a particular transit that confronts us with a very specific choice: what changes do we need to make to move forward? 

Uranus retrograde allows us to rethink and reflect on our goals and aspirations and challenges us to take a different, shall we say more creative and less conventional, approach. If something has not worked this year we need to take note and try to change direction. Although scary, change can often be the push we need for inner transformation. Being in the sign of Taurus at this time, Uranus brings changes regarding the foundations of our lives: ingrained habits, relationships, our priorities, and the way we spend our money. Most likely there will be times when we will question all these issues and find answers and possible new habits. Another important issue concerns the environment and our impact on the planet. In fact, Uranus will push us to ask ourselves what we can improve to have a greener and less polluting footprint as possible.

But let's go into detail and find out together sign by sign what influence this transit of Uranus will have:

Aries: Watch your money management, you may have had your hands full in the last period. Find a way to save and become more thriftyə.

Taurus: How do you feel about yourselfə? It's a great time to enact some personal changes, whether it's starting a path of introspection or a new eating plan. The goal is to feel comfortable, always.

Gemini: You may have been thinking a little too much lately Gemini. Sometimes limiting intrusive thoughts is key to enjoying the moment 100%.

Cancer: You might reevaluate your historical friendships and throw yourself headlong into new relationships that are more right for you. Over time we change, and friendships must also evolve to keep up with us.

Leo: Let's say that in the work sphere you might be doing better. This is because you often do not feel your value and commitment is recognized. With Uranus I would learn a great lesson: start telling yourself bravə instead of expecting something from others.  

Virgo: The transit of Uranus could bring back new passions or old hobbies abandoned for too long. Discover new sides of yourself through creativity.

Libra: A great period of personal change is beginning. This is because you've often leaned on others for answers when they can only be within you.

Scorpio: A big question about love is opening up inside you. What romantic relationships have you had so far Scorpio? The transit of Uranus will spur you to question your actions in relationship dynamics, like running for the hills when things get serious

Sagittarius: It's time to reevaluate your whole daily routine. Sometimes you waste too much time thinking about what you have to do rather than actually doing it. More rules, more to do lists and less wasted time.

Capricorn: Exciting changes in different spheres of your life such as career, love (eh yes) and leisure. A great time to find yourself and rediscover yourself.

Aquarius: This is a very introspective transit that will help you explore the foundations of your whole life. You may find answers to questions that have been with you forever.

Pisces: Get ready for a huge shift in your mindset. This Uranus energy will influence you to change your perspective, erase any prejudices, and to throw yourself headlong into exciting new adventures.