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What's a Strawberry Moon and what does it mean

The Sagittarius Super Moon has its own history and influence on each sign

What's a Strawberry Moon and what does it mean The Sagittarius Super Moon has its own history and influence on each sign

On the night of 14 June, the sky will welcome a new moon with a mysterious name. Full Moon days are always the most energetically and astrologically intense of the month, and all Full Moon moments mark new realisations. The heavens spur us to take stock, to reflect on how far we have come since 14 days ago, during the last New Moon.  This month, the Full Moon lands in the sign of Sagittarius, also known as the Strawberry Moon.

Known as the 'Strawberry Moon' because of the time of year in which it appears, the name comes from the Algonquin Native American tribe living in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada, referring to the strawberry picking season in the region. The sky will therefore not have a reddish hue - like the Red Moon seen in May 2022 in correspondence with the Lunar Eclipse - but it will be special nonetheless, because it is a Super Full Moon, a rare astronomical event according to Nasa, which will shine bright and brilliant in our astrological sky, increasing its power over us even more.

Being in the sign of Sagittarius, the next is a Full Moon that speaks to us of good fortune and expansion. Working on the Gemini (where the Sun is) and Sagittarius planes, it is a Moon that speaks of movement and moving forward.  It will be particularly positive for people who are waiting for a signal to make important decisions. Here, the signal will come precisely in these days. 

This Strawberry Moon is a Moon that is ready to show a new direction, to reassure with optimism and enthusiasm people who will be making important decisions, new adventures and risks. Let's find out together which themes it will touch for each zodiac sign!

For the first signs of the zodiac, the astrological picture speaks of discovery, overcoming boundaries and curiosity: Aries (and Aries Ascendant) will put their backpacks on their shoulders, because a journey towards unknown destinations begins. Get ready to go! Taurus ( and Taurus Ascendant): they will have to get rid of what does not make them feel good and revolutionise their daily routine in order to become happier and more satisfied. Gemini and Ascendant Gemini will also have to give themselves over to adventure and spice up their daily life with curiosity, for example by organising an immersive experience to create memories to carry with them all their lives. Fun also involves the Cancer and Cancer Ascendant who find themselves having to break their own rules and change a routine that has become stagnant, in order to bring more light-heartedness into daily life.

The need for renewal that the New Moon brings also calls Leo and Leo Ascendant, who will have to put their hands to the wheel again and create something of their own following the call of creativity that they have not felt for some time. Get busy and you will be amazed.  For Virgo and Virgo Ascendant, renewal comes to their realm, the home, where new furniture, paintings and plants will help them to travel with their minds. The Full Moon for Libra and Libra Ascendant brings important issues to be addressed and communicated, invites you to make decisions that have been put off for too long without fear. Scorpio and Scorpio ascendant are invited to pamper themselves a little more, perhaps spoiling themselves with that slightly expensive purchase that would make them so very happy but which they have not yet had the courage to make.


An important moment to understand direction and new identities for Sagittarius and Sagittarius Ascendant, in which emotions will be very strong because the Full Moon rises right in their sign.  For Capricorn and Capricorn Ascendant, it is good to be ready to embrace a new side of themselves that is coming out during these days, letting go without regrets of what no longer represents them. To Aquarius and Aquarius ascendant this Full Moon brings new friendships and relationships to deepen. And for Pisces and Pisces Ascendant, a positive revolution is also on the way, especially in the work sphere. May it bring long-awaited news?