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An iconic design piece for every sign of the zodiac

Design and stars united by the best designers

An iconic design piece for every sign of the zodiac Design and stars united by the best designers

From 6 to 12 June, Milan is preparing to host one of the most eagerly awaited annual events: Design Week! The calendar for this edition is full of appointments around Milan, starting from the center and going all the way to the suburbs. Since it is an iconic event that is important all over the world, we decided to add a touch of flair to it as we are used to doing! 

So here is an iconic design piece for each zodiac sign.



The Camaleonda sofa is a re-edition of Mario Bellini's historic 1970 design. Modular in essence, extremely comfortable and versatile, it is a sofa destined to remain a timeless classic. Its unique design makes it an authentic and striking piece of furniture, reflecting the characteristics of the sign Aries




Impossible not to have seen it: the Ultrafragola mirror/lamp is one of the most famous design pieces in the world. It is an almost two-meter high mirror, surrounded by a sinuous frame in grey plastic that lights up pink, designed by Ettore Sottsass for Poltronova in 1970. If we had to attribute it to a zodiac sign it would definitely be Taurus: ruled by Venus (the goddess of beauty), an uncompromising aesthete and super chic! 


GEMINI - LAMP ARCO, Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni

Castiglioni's Arco lamp is a timeless design icon. Inspired by a street lamp, the Arco Lamp represented the lighting revolution of the 1960s. Versatile and practical, the idea for the design arose from the need to have a 'suspended' point of light that was not fixed (like a simple chandelier). And this small revolution that marked a turning point in design reminded us a lot of the sign of Gemini, eternal rebels with a creative spirit.


CANCER - PROUST ARMCHAIR, Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini's Proust armchair was launched in 1978 and is one of the world's best-known design pieces. It consists of a traditional hand-carved and hand-painted wooden frame and a multicolored fabric cover that echoes the pattern of the frame. Its eighteenth-century forms and decidedly eccentric soul with a hint of nostalgia for the past make it a piece of furniture with a unique spirit that embraces the lovable contradictions typical of the water sign Cancer.


LEO - BOCCA, Gufram

Bocca is a very popular red sofa in the shape of giant lips. Its design is inspired by Dali's 1935 Portrait of Mae West and, more generally, by the lips of Hollywood stars of the 1970s. Its sensual and provocative soul, extremely pop and fun, has quickly made it one of the cult objects of world design. The color red, its unique grit and the irony it brings makes it the perfect design piece for a Leo


VIRGIN - TIMOR By Danese Milano

Timor is a table calendar designed by Enzo Mari for Danese in 1967. It is composed of plastic elements that represent the day, month and year and are fixed on a one-piece body with a central pivot that allows them to be opened in a fan shape, so that the correct combination can be chosen more easily. The typeface chosen is Helvetica, known for its easy readability. These characteristics make it the perfect design object for the Virgo sign: precise, tidy and with the need to always have everything under control. 



The Serpentine Sofa by Kagan is a symbol of design in the world created in 1950 by designer Vladimir Kagan. Composed of a single sinuous line without armrests, the material chosen for its creation is usually velvet. Serpentine Sofa fully represents Kagan's style: curved and sensual lines, endless elegance but without sacrificing comfort. These characteristics of beauty and at the same time practicality are somewhat reminiscent of the nature of the Libra sign, the perfect encounter between Venus and Saturn.



Have you ever heard of the Broken Bench? It is a polyurethane bench with an irregular appearance reminiscent of a concrete slab. With an industrial and unconventional appearance, Broken Bench is a truly unique piece. The design piece plays between the super-softness of the material and its appearance which appears rigid and marble-like. It was precisely this "play" that reminded us of the soul of the Scorpio, which looks harder than its deep soul.



The Artemide lamp by Nessino is an exclusive, sophisticated and designer piece of furniture. Its iconic curves express the furnishing essence in perfect 1960s style. A journey through time encapsulates a unique, aesthetically beautiful and long-lasting collector's item. The bright and sunny nature of the shiny orange coloring makes it the ideal table lamp for the sign Sagittarius: energy, vitality and warmth. 



The Egg Chair designed by Jacobsen in 1957 is an armchair in the shape of a semi-open egg. Its curved lines and wide seat allow it to assume different positions, making it super comfortable and at the same time an icon of style and elegance. Its refined and unique nature has over time made it one of the absolute classics in the history of design. If we had to match it to a zodiac sign, it would absolutely be the perfect design piece for Capricorn: elegant, comfortable and tasteful. 



The Up armchair by Gaetano Pesci is one of a kind. With a profoundly original appearance, it is made of polyurethane foam, a material that allows the seat to acquire a true shape once it has been unwrapped and positioned in its place of interest. The UP5 Armchair is also nicknamed "Big Mama" or "Woman", in fact its shape is reminiscent of the female body. A symbol of design that brought Italian originality to the world. The sign that reminded us so much of this piece of design is Aquarius: a brilliant and original spirit with unique ideas.



A lamp with spatial shapes, Eclisse represents a balance between form and function, design and utility. Its iconicity is also given by its function: regulating the intensity of light through the rotation of the shade that "eclipses" the light source. The basis of the concept lies in its functionality of adjusting the intensity of the light through its rotating inner shade that 'eclipses' the light source. A design object that has quickly become an icon. The sign that most reminds us of the dreamy nature of this table lamp is Pisces: artistic, magical and creative.