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How to survive Mercury retrograde

Here are 6 practical tips for surviving the most dreaded time of the year

How to survive Mercury retrograde Here are 6 practical tips for surviving the most dreaded time of the year

On April 1st, Mercury went Retrograde and will remain so until the 25th of this newly started month. What does it mean? Periodically throughout the year, Mercury - the planet of ideas, thoughts, travel, and communication - goes retrograde. This means that instead of moving forward as usual for a certain period, it goes back a little. The effects we may experience include delays, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, senseless arguments, the urge to text our ex (no, you shouldn't!), things breaking, and technology not cooperating. In short, unforeseeable setbacks that can be quite irritating. Mercury will station retrograde in Aries, and then in Taurus, with the arrival of its astrological season. If Aries is a fire sign, impulsive and energetic, Taurus is instead a sign known for its stability and steadfastness. So, the first phase will be more chaotic than a second, relatively calmer one. It's better to take a deep breath and take advantage of this transit to regain our energy and center: sleep longer, save money, identify which commitments are truly worth our time, and learn that the secret to success is flexibility, following change without resisting it. And if there are delays and unexpected events, remember that it's just a phase, and from chaos can bloom creativity and new beginnings.

Mercury Retrograde 2024: What to Do

During this period, it's not advisable to start new challenges, but rather to finish what you've already begun. If there are still pending projects in your life, this is the ideal time to conclude them, no ifs, ands, or buts. Mercury Retrograde brings along communication problems like typos and misunderstandings. So, if you need to send important communications, check at least 3 times before hitting send. Especially if it concerns work-related matters. If, instead, you think you've been misunderstood via message, call the person immediately. It's better to clarify rather than prolong a misunderstanding and perhaps make things worse.

Dedicate Yourself to Decluttering

As previously mentioned, Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to address pending issues, including piles of clothes piled up in every corner of the closet. The keyword here is decluttering. Carve out time to clean and organize every corner of your home where chaos reigns: various drawers, your beauty products, the medicine box, the bag of bags (we know you have one too!), documents to file, and so on. Mercury rules the sign of Virgo, the most organized of the zodiac, so deep cleaning during these days will help you not only with physical order but also mental clarity.

Confront the Past

Mercury Retrograde inevitably brings people from your past back into your life. They could be ex-partners, crushes, friends you've drifted apart from, or simply no longer hang out with. This is because one of Mercury's missions is to help you make peace with the past, definitively closing some relationships to move forward. It's up to you to understand how to react, what to close, what to confront.

Appreciate the Tranquility

All the program changes and plans that fall through during Mercury Retrograde may frustrate you. But the real goal is to take these setbacks as larger signals, trying to communicate something to you. Begin to appreciate tranquility and calmness, enjoy them while they last and when they come unexpectedly. We live in a hectic society; it's important to be able to take a moment for ourselves.

Be More Loving and Patient

If you're reading this article it means you're interested in astrology and you probably know more about it than your parents, partner, or friends. Even if they're not interested, Mercury Retrograde will affect them too. Since you know it, you're ahead of the game, so treat them with more love and patience, especially during moments of high tension that only this astrological position can bring. Respond to misunderstandings with a smile: if someone is upset, instead of getting upset offer a solution, and anticipate others' delays to appointments by also starting later. Hang in there; sooner or later, Mercury Retrograde will end.