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How to survive Mercury retrograde

Here are 6 practical tips for surviving the most dreaded time of the year

How to survive Mercury retrograde Here are 6 practical tips for surviving the most dreaded time of the year

Today, Mercury becomes Retrograde and will remain so until May 14. What does this mean? Cyclically throughout the year Mercury, the planet of ideas, thoughts, travel and communication, goes retrograde. This means that instead of moving forward as usual for a period of time, it goes back a little bit. The effects we may experience are delays, misunderstandings, meaningless arguments, the urge to write to your ex (no, you don't have to!), objects breaking and technology not cooperating. In short, mishaps that you can't foresee and that can make you very nervous. 

Mercury turns retrograde on April 21 in Taurus, a sign known for its stability and constancy, and is in close proximity to Uranus, the planet of surprise and disruption. What's more, its opposition falls during the period of the solar eclipse, which lasts from the solar eclipse in Aries on 19 April until the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on 5 May. The next few weeks could be turbulent, amid chaos and plans falling apart. This is a good time to realign personal goals, ambitions, boundaries and desires, as well as financial situations, relationships and work projects, and adjust to the changing reality. It's better to take a deep breath and use this transit to regain energy and our centre: sleep longer, save money, figure out which commitments are really worth our time, and learn that the secret to success is the flexibility to follow change without resisting it. And when delays and unforeseen events occur, we should remember that it is only a phase and that out of chaos creativity and new beginnings can blossom.

So here are 6 tips for dealing with this period of Mercury Retrograde at its best and with a smile (or at least trying to).


Finish what you have started

It is not recommended to start new challenges during this period, but rather to finish what you have already started. If there are still unfinished projects in your life, this is the ideal time to finish them, without question. 


Always check before sending an email or message

Mercury Retrograde brings with it communication problems such as typos and misunderstandings. So if you have to send important communications, check at least 3 times before you press send. Especially if it's about business matters. If you think you have been misunderstood in a message, call the person immediately. It's better to clarify things now than to prolong a misunderstanding and possibly make things worse.



As previously mentioned, it's a great time to tackle unfinished business, including the piles of clothes piled up in every corner of the wardrobe. The keyword is DECLUTTERING! Take the time to clean out and reorganize every corner of your house where chaos reigns: various drawers, your beauty kit, your medicine box, the bag of bags (we know you have one too!), documents to file and so on. Mercury rules the sign of Virgo, the most organized sign of the zodiac, so doing a thorough cleaning these days will help you not only with physical order but also with mental order. 


Face the Past

Mercury Retrograde will inevitably bring people from your past back into your life. They may be ex-boyfriends, crushes, friends and girlfriends you have ended things with or simply no longer see. This is because one of Mercury's missions is to make peace with the past, ending some relationships for good in order to move on. So yes, most likely your toxic ex will be back in your phone notifications, it's up to you to figure out how to react protecting yourself from potential relapses. 


Appreciate the peace of mind

All the schedule changes and plans that blow up with Mercury Retrograde will make you nervous. But the real goal is to take these setbacks as bigger signals. Start to appreciate the quiet and sudden calm. We live in a fast-paced society, it's important to be able to take a moment for ourselves, such as devoting more time to self-care. 


Be more loving and patient

If you are reading this article, you are interested in astrology and will probably know more about it than your parents, partner or friends. Although they are unaware of it, Mercury Retrograde will have an effect on them too. But instead, since you know this, you have an advantage and treat them with more love and patience, especially in moments of strong tension that only this astrological position can bring. If someone is nervous, instead of taking it out on them, offer a solution and anticipate the delays of others in their appointments by leaving later yourself. This will make all the difference in your relationships.