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How to awake new energies with Tarots for Spring

A strategy to reacquire control and tidy up our spiritual space

How to awake new energies with Tarots for Spring  A strategy to reacquire control and tidy up our spiritual space

If December 31 is the day to take stock, the equinox is the day to sow the right intentions in your heart. Leaving aside dichotomies and forgetting for a moment what we have always considered right and wrong, spring invites us to trust our instincts, regardless of any sense of duty or any external imposition. The equinox of March 20 has marked the beginning of the astrological year but also the time to regenerate your mind, body and spirit, and prepare for rebirth that every 12 months coincides with the sign of Aries, while in the tarot corresponds to the meaning of the card 0, the Fool, which represents the mad dash of new beginnings. 

This year the entrance of Spring is reinforced by the nearby full moon on the 18th, which extends its power in the following days: it is the perfect time to cut with what weighs us down and begin a phase of internal and external reorganization. 


With the help of tarot cards you can apply a focus to move energies and reactivate the awakening phase in the soul. Here is a list of tips to internalize to take advantage of these days with the right spirit of rebirth:

- Be kind. Of course with others, but first and foremost with yourself. How long has it been since you've looked at yourself without judgment?

- Let go: negative thoughts, harmful people, toxic situations that weigh down your day-to-day. Don't let what you couldn't fix until now poison the rest of your days. Accept the different, accept the compromise, respecting the natural course of things, which in its wonderful continuous chaos does not respond to any order.

- Be spontaneous, break external conditioning. You will discover that the people around you have been waiting for nothing more than to be able to feel just as free.

- Spend more time on what you love. At the end of the day you'll feel exhausted from framing that new post office sewing class but you'll definitely be closer to being at peace with the world.

- Spend more time on those you love. How many times have you let yourself get stuck in pointless conversations with impromptu people when you just wanted to call your best friend? And from here we get to the next point.

- Learn to say no. Not everyone deserves your time and attention, and there's no harm in pointing that out (respecting point 1, you mean).

- Learn to listen to your belly, your gut, your inner voice. No, not the one that's constantly speaking from above, but the one that would have you dancing all night long.


After you have internalized these cues, take your cards, pick a number from one to five and read the message paired with the selected card. Take a picture and keep it as a reminder to look at each night before you close your eyes, letting the message speak to your deepest self by keeping in mind the meanings of the different figures, below.


The Fool represents the primal energy of new beginnings, the spark that will ignite a fruitful fire, the first step of an overwhelming dance. Choose a wonderful new beginning.

Justice asks you to look yourself in the eye and tell yourself that truth you have never dared to tell anyone. Have the courage to accept who you are and face the consequences.

Judgment asks you to open your eyes to reality and let go of what no longer makes sense to carry forward. A brighter tomorrow awaits you, and a priceless sense of lightness.

The Sun is shining on you, all fears have passed and your long-awaited big finish is just around the corner.

The Devil reminds us that every fear exists in out mind and invites us to go beyond, to overcome our limits and to accept everything that creates scares us.

Happy Spring Equinox✨