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The perfect dog for each zodiac sign according to Dog Heroes

What the stars are telling us about our pet friends

The perfect dog for each zodiac sign according to Dog Heroes What the stars are telling us about our pet friends

Getting to know the personality of your pet friend is always an interesting discovery. The personality of a dog usually depends on a mix of factors: first of all the breed, that can determine some sides of the personality. Secondly, the environment in which the dog grew up and the one in which he/she will fit: if it is particularly stimulating and suitable for the dog, he/she will be able to bring out unknown aspects of the puppy.
Last but not least, how couldn't we mention the magic world of astrology? The stars can give us some fun and carefree ideas to better understand the personality of our pet.

Obviously it is not always possible to know the exact day of birth of our pet friend, indeed in some cases it is basically impossible. But we hope that this special horoscope can make you wonder about your dog's zodiac sign by reading the descriptions of each sign. Together with Dog Heroes, an Italian start-up of fresh food for dogs active throughout Italy, which offers personalized food plans designed by veterinary nutritionists, already portioned to be served and delivered in comfort at home, nss G-Club selected a dog breed for each zodiac sign.

Discover with nss G-Club and Dog Heroes the characteristics of your dog based on astrology, and the dogs that best suit each zodiac sign.



Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of energy and determination. Dogs born under this sign are very active and playful. Confident of themselves, they are also very curious dogs, for this reason, however, they have a tendency to get into trouble every now and then. Aries dogs have quite a temper!
Exuberant and independent, they often want to dominate the pet friends they meet. For this reason, it is very important to immediately learn about and manage these unpredictable behaviors.

The Jack Russell is absolutely the dog dominated by the sign of Aries. Dynamic, lively and intelligent. It has a strong and confident character: despite its small size it is not afraid of anything or anyone. The Dog Heroes food recommended for Jack Russel is the Turkey Bowl, made with turkey, potatoes, carrots and rich in vitamins and minerals.



Taurus is an Earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, a symbol of beauty and pleasure. Taurus dogs tend to be very calm and sweet. Despite their calmness, however, they are very stubborn and obstinate. If they want to do something, there will be no "no!" for them. Given their serene nature, they need to live in a calm and stress-free environment.

The dog breed that has the characteristics of the Taurus is undoubtedly the Samoyed. Loving and quiet dog, he loves being with his family and receiving pampering and attention. These characteristics are accompanied by an obstinate temperament, linked to its Nordic origins. The Dog Heroes food recommended for this breed is the Pork Bowl: rich in pork, green beans, potatoes, sunflower oil and salmon oil, and exclusively grain-free.



The sign of Gemini belongs to the element of Air and is ruled by the planet Mercury, a symbol of thought as a creative curiosity. For this reason, dogs born under this sign are very curious, restless and always energetic. They are eternal puppies who certainly do not like to waste time in idleness and naps. They love to play with other dogs in the park which makes them excited and instantly happy. They are very attached to their owner, in fact they can suffer from separation anxiety.

The breed of dog that has the characteristics of Gemini is the Poodle. Cheerful and intelligent dog, he loves to play to use his energies. Particularly attached to his/her family, this is why he suffers a lot from loneliness and does not like to spend time alone. The recommended food for the Poodle is the Turkey Bowl, a recipe with turkey, potatoes and carrots for agile and strong dogs.



Cancer is a water zodiac sign dominated by the Moon, a symbol of femininity par excellence. Dogs born under this sign are loving, sweet and sensitive. They have a habitual nature and love to live in symbiosis with their family. Here the dog-owner bond is very strong, however the Cancer dog needs constant reassurance and demonstrations of affection. They are very patient dogs, therefore also suitable for an environment with children. Being also very greedy, you have to pay close attention to his diet and limit the snags between meals!

The pet friend that reflects these characteristics is the Labrador. Friendly dog with a sociable temperament that manifests with both people and his fellows. In particular, he loves being part of the family and pleasing his owner. The Dog Heroes food recommended for this breed is the Beef Bowl. The recipe contains a high percentage of beef, tasty and with a strong protein content, but also rich in vitamins and potassium.



The sign of Leo belongs to the Fire element and is ruled by the Sun, a symbol of energy, vitality and a hint of egotism. Dogs born under this sign have a strong personality and are very brave. They always love to be at the center of attention, not only at home, but also when they play in the park with other dogs. In short, they love being the stars of the zodiac! They love to bark, it's the main way they express their communication. It is also a very loyal dog, love for its owner is pure and limitless.

The Leo dog is absolutely the Chihuahua. Strong personality, very intelligent. He/she is very fond of the owner and often finds a way to get what he/she wants. Due to excitement or nervousness, he/she may start shaking or barking insistently. The recommended Dog Heroes porridge is the Fish Bowl, a cod-based recipe ideal for those looking for a highly digestible fresh dog food, rich in proteins and vitamins.



The sign of Virgo belongs to the Earth element and is ruled by Mercury, the planet of thought which in this position becomes very rational. The Virgo dog tends to be the quietest in the whole zodiac. They love routine and don't like changes in their habits, like a walk at a different time than usual. Despite this habitual side, they are excellent travel companions for their owners, and they love to spend a lot of time outdoors. Another characteristic of dogs born under this sign is their obedience, they know how to behave well in every situation, from the restaurant to the dog area.

The breed that has the traits of the sign of Virgo is the Bernese Mountain Dog. As you can guess from his appearance, he is a calm, affectionate and very cuddly dog. His patient nature makes him a dog also suitable for children. The Dog Heroes food recommended for this breed is the Turkey Bowl. The recipe is based on potatoes, carrots and poultry and contains ingredients selected to give strength to the muscles and make your dog run on the run with energy.



The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, and belongs to the element of air. The influence of Venus on this sign makes Libra dogs quite indecisive and difficult to train, due to their poor attention span for long periods of time. These are dogs that tend to be unruly, which is why they need a master armed with a lot of understanding. Another characteristic of these hairy urchins is their overwhelming sympathy. With his funny manners, he will surely make his owner laugh out loud!

The dog breed that reflects these characteristics is the Beagle. Having a sweet and affectionate personality, it is great for adults and children. His nature as a hunting dog, however, sometimes makes him unruly because a smell is enough to distract him. For him, therefore, a patient owner is necessary, who is able to make himself heard and who has the best of his stubborn character. The recommended Dog Heroes porridge is the Pork Bowl: rich in pork, green beans, potatoes, sunflower oil and salmon oil, and exclusively grain-free.



Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Pluto, a planet of darkness and mystery. It is a very intuitive dog, which knows how to exert its influence on other dogs and people. It has a tendency to prevail over other dogs, and it is not a dog suitable for everyone: not because it is aggressive or particularly difficult, but because due to its temperament, it will be he who will choose its owner and not vice versa. There will be people who will love madly and others, perhaps even members of the same family, who will not stand. He can't do without the company of the people he immediately gets in tune with, but he also loves having moments of solitude.

The breed in line with this sign is the Azawakh, a greyhound of Malian origin with an independent and reserved personality. He distrusts strangers, but is sweet and affectionate with those who win his trust. Its strong character manifests itself with its fellows, therefore it is recommended for people with experience. The Dog Heroes food recommended for this breed is the Beef Bowl, a beef-based recipe formulated exclusively without cereals and therefore ensures high digestibility.



Sagittarius is a Fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, a symbol of luck and prosperity. Dogs born under this sign are very friendly, they get along well with everyone - hairy and not - and love to play until they drop. Their way of communicating love towards you will surely be by jumping into your arms and licking your face without any intention of stopping. Funny, exuberant, affectionate and loyal. The Sagittarius dog will be an inseparable life partner for you, always by your side in every situation. The best gift you can give him, in addition to an endless daily dose of pampering, is to give him a puppy as a little brother (or sister) of the house. They hate loneliness and, therefore, leaving him alone for several hours can become a mix of teasing and nonstop barking.

The breed that possesses these characteristics is the Golden Retriever. With an extroverted and balanced character, this dog has a marked feature of sociability, which also manifests itself towards strangers. Loyal to his master, he loves being part of the family. The Dog Heroes food recommended for this breed is the Beef Bowl, perfect for dogs who must follow a healthy but very appetizing protein diet.



Capricorn is an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of rigor and maturity. A dog born under this sign expresses in its character all the energy of the Earth signs: it is stubborn and always will be! It is useless to try to impose yourself, here it takes a lot of patience and, in the most extreme cases, the help of a professional trainer. He is an independent dog and can be cold and aloof at times. This, however, does not mean that he does not care for his master, but expresses love in his own way. Initially he does not like the company of other dogs, but respecting his times, a nice bond can be born with a pet friend. He loves running and being always on the move, so if you are a sporty person, he can be your faithful ally for jogging in the park.

The breed that reflects the Capricorn is the Dachshund, a dog with a very strong, stubborn, proud and independent personality. They are a very energetic and active breed who love to do a lot of movement. He does not lack courage and, despite his size, he does not hold back even in front of dogs much larger than himself. The ideal Dog Heroes food for this dog is the Fish Bowl, formulated with cod, zucchini and wholemeal couscous, contains tasty but light ingredients.



The Aquarius sign is part of the Air element (contrary to what one might think from the name) and is ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolutions and ideas. The Aquarius dog expresses his sociability in a wonderful way, being super loving with all other animals, from other pet friends to the most disparate ones like geese and bunnies. Here intelligence can reach very high levels. Not to mention his unpredictable nature, not a day will go by when he doesn't combine one after the other! Despite this, they also need their space and often, during the day, they carve out moments of pure independence and solitude.

The breed that has the characteristics of this sign is the Dalmatian! Very intelligent and loving dog. However, it is important to give him the right attention and get him to exercise enough, otherwise he can let off steam and cause trouble. The food recommended by the Dog Heroes experts is the Beef Bowl, made from beef and prepared only with natural and tasty ingredients, tailored to the needs of your dog.



Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune, a planet that symbolizes fantasy and the unconscious. Dogs of this sign are very sweet and with a magical sensitivity. They need to live in an environment where peace and tranquility reign, only in this way can they fully open up and express their wonderful character. Even if he will make some small troubles, the owner will always have to approach him with patience and tolerance. A too abrupt scolding is enough to frighten like emotional dog. If you are able to get in perfect harmony, however, you can always count on such a symbiotic bond that your dog will be able to understand your every mood and emotion.

The breed that reflects these characteristics is the Great Dane. It is a sweet and balanced dog, very friendly with adults and children. With other dogs he is sociable and does not tend to dominate. The Dog Heroes baby food recommended by experts is the Pork Bowl: rich in pork, green beans, potatoes, sunflower oil and salmon oil, and exclusively grain-free.


Illustrations by @mydogheroes exclusive for nss G-Club