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The perfect tv series to watch based on your zodiac sign

Astrological tips for the next Netflix & chill sessions

The perfect tv series to watch based on your zodiac sign Astrological tips for the next Netflix & chill sessions

It seems that you keep browsing the Netflix catalog but never find anything new to watch? You read and read again the titles of the top TV series but you don't feel inspired by any of them. Here, nss G-Club came to save you! Your next favorite TV show is based on your zodiac sign! Find out which TV series the stars (and nss G-Club) recommend for you and add it immediately to your free-time to-do-list.

What's your zodiac sign? Let's find out the perfect show for you based on the traits of your zodiac sign.



Aries girls are strong, fierce and confidentOzark is therefore the TV series that is absolutely right for you! A story of courage, determination and hard work. The female characters in this series are strong and enterprising, real dark ladies. The story from season to season becomes increasingly dark and compelling. What will you love about this TV series my dear Aries? The feeling of ambition that is always present here. The tension is sky-high and the risk of binge-watching is real!



Taurus girls suffer the influence of Venus, the planet of beauty at 360 degrees. The aesthetic sense and choices are important to you and this is the landmark of Euphoria that will win you over. The female protagonists are of a unique and enchanting beauty and the atmosphere is truly dreamy. The glossy and glitter make-up and the super cool outfits are a real inspiration. In addition, the series tells important and by no means superficial topics such as the relationship with drugs, first loves and self-confidence. I'm sure you will appreciate this too!



Dear Gemini, you are without any doubt the "forever teenager" of the zodiac. Curious and very reactive, it is impossible to get bored with you! So what's better for you than the show Sex Education? A TV series that talks about teenagers discovering their bodies and sex, in a lighthearted and naive way, but enriched by thoughts on important issues. A path to self-exploration at 360 degrees. Everything here is enriched with a good dose of irony and gossip, always going straight to the point. Such a Gemini!



Dear Cancer girls, you are characterized by a fickle and sensitive sign, and surely you can only remain stuck to the screen watching The End of the Fucking World. A mix of humor, madness and thriller topped with a tormented love story. Certainly unconventional for you, but there it is still about feelings. The dark and sometimes terrifying rhythm of the series, on one side will make you get goosebumps, but on the other side it will make you really addicted! Get the traditional love story out of your mind, it's time to explore new horizons!



Leo girls, you know, you are a true force of nature! And for this reason the TV series that suits you more is High Fidelity, which has the divine Zoë Kravitz as its protagonist! It is a simple but very compelling story, without forgetting the amazing soundtrack. Here the personality of Leo feels in harmony with Rob, the strong and charismatic protagonist, struggling with the daily issues of life. A special mention goes to the choice of her outfits, a mix & match of styles that make it clear who she is. You will love it!



Give a Virgo girl her trench coat and a hat and she will immediately become the perfect private detective! This is why the ideal series for you is Riverdale! A teen drama that has an unsolved mystery as the main theme of each season. And nothing excites a Virgin more than skillfully gathering details, studying them in a detailed and accurate way to reach the final conclusion. To keep you glued to the screen for at least 12 consecutive hours (and I'm also optimistic)!



In addition to an enviable savoir faire in any situation, Libra girls also have a great sense of justice. That's why Dear White People is the perfect series for you! A story of discrimination and indignation. This series breaks down stereotypes about African-Americans that are still represented way too often. Each character is unique and spreads his/her own beauty, a light that enchants and invites us to reflect.



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is the perfect TV series for Scorpio girls! Gloomy and mysterious atmospheres, steeped in passionate and sometimes lustful stories. The hidden face of the magical and paranormal, under an apparent ordinariness, which sooner or later will surface. Nothing can better represent a Scorpio girl! Under the outer shell of Sabrina, the protagonist, she hides a multifaceted and wonderful personality. A story made of choices and decisions that will condition not only the relationship with others, but also the relationship with ourselves.



 Sagittarius girls are strong, optimistic, determined and above all very loyal women. For this reason, L’Amica Geniale is definitely the perfect TV show for Sag girls! The story of a very deep and intimate friendship, "special" from every point of view. The series is initially set in Naples in the 1950s, but will continue in the following seasons with a jump of decades and different emotions. A journey through time and feelings that will make you daydream.



Cap girls are usually very down to earth and little dreamers, for this reason the perfect TV series for you right now is YOU! An obsessive "love story" (if we can call it that), full of emotions and madness. A great excuse to get out of your comfort zone of Netflix. A psychological thriller that will obsess you and will often leave you speechless. Sometimes, especially for you, it is important to forget the practicality and ordinariness of everyday life to let yourself go towards other emotional horizons. You really need it!



Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) has all the perfect features to thrill even the most rebellious Aquarius girls! You are the most social sign of the zodiac and here the friendship component is not missing, indeed! In the TV series, the friendship between the characters in the Professor's gang is such a strong bond that it is (almost) impossible to break. What will you really love about it, Aquarius? The ultimate goal of robbery is not simply a way to get rich. It is a resistance operation, a fight against monetary and institutional power. There is a great ethical and social sense and the professor is a modern day Robin Hood. The risk of addictiveness is very high!



Escaping from reality to hide in your imaginary world is the main characteristic of the Pisces girls. For this reason Stranger Things has everything it needs to become your new favorite series! The real life of the city of Hawkins mixes with the "Upside Down", a dark parallel dimension to our world populated by mysterious creatures. The science fiction genre meets horror, making even the bravest Pisces girls shiver. You will love it!