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How to hit on someone according to their zodiac sign

Aka having the right weapons to impress your crush

How to hit on someone according to their zodiac sign  Aka having the right weapons to impress your crush

You’ve finally given in. In these long quarantine days, you’ve reached the point of no return, you’ve let yourself go and you’ve downloaded Co-Star, the app that gives you daily customized astrological updates, you must have seen it your friends’ IG Stories, that ‘Your Day at a Glance’ that partially reassures and partially comforts during these weird days. Many people even believe that Co-Star, thanks to its function that lets you see the level of compatibility with other zodiac signs, might be the new Tinder, but, remember, nss G-Club’s Love Match is unparalleled and always ready for you. 

With the help of our stars and planets wizard, Giorgia Zuccaro, and with the illustrations by Ilaria Colombo, we’re about to shake up your period of social distancing, with a proven method to have success with girls and boys - at the moment just online, let’s hope soon also offline. The logic is simple: all you need to know are the fundamental characteristics and the personality traits of each sing and act accordingly, to arrive prepared knowing exactly what to say and what to avoid, an obstacle course that might turn out really successful. Although for the upcoming weeks you won’t have the chance to meet up and talk in real life, you can always take advantage of this situation to finally text your crush or to finally make a move with that Instagram friend… 

Use this information wisely. Good luck. 



The way to an Aries’ heart is determination. Whether it’s a first approach or a long-term relationship, Aries needs a self-confident person, convinced of their ideas and life goals, with whom to have deep and meaningful conversations. Discussions, even heated arguments, are an important moment: never, and I mean never, say to an Aries ‘Okay, you’re right, whatever’, because an Aries wants to discuss, to argue, to confront, as long as it’s dealing with a person that can stand up to them, that doesn’t run away from confrontation, both when it comes to meaningless or important issues. That’s why you can’t give orders to a person of this sign, and forget a relationship with an Aries person if your best friend is called laziness, Aries are active people. 


To win over a Taurus you must always remember this image: Samantha from Sex and The City, naked, covered in sushi. Samantha’s craziness represents the perfect weekend for a person of this sign, so play it well and repeat what I say, ‘My ideal weekend means chilling on the couch, watching Netflix, eating tons of good food and having great sex’. Be careful, though, what a Taurus gets on Glovo is theirs and of no one else, they don’t love to share, they might actually become violent if you try to steal a slice of pizza. Arm yourselves (with patience and condoms). 


Here you can’t mess around. What you really need when trying to hit on a Gemini is a well-designed and perfectly organized plan that includes day trips, picnics, bike rides, nights spent dancing, the keyword I having fun, almost hyper-activity (these days might be a good occasion to get a head start). When you’re apart, and above all if you’re still getting to know each other, don’t you dare to ask a Gemini who they spent the night with, who was with them and how did they meet if they sense a feeling of jealousy or a need for control will run like hell. 



Aaaaah love. Cancer is the romantic zodiac sign par excellence, and they, therefore, must always be reassured, praised, they need to be repeated how much you care about them and what you would do for them. Despite the fact that it might seem a little hard and bold approach if you have just met, try to find a romantic way right away, compliments and praises are fine, serenades under their house not so much (especially in these days). Find a limit and stick to it, and above all, never make fun of a Cancer showing its emotions, on the other hand, try to be more sensitive too. 




You’re dealing with a first woman, keep that in mind. So, arm yourselves with praises, interesting questions (when you’re talking it would be better to always end your sentence with ‘And what about you? What do you think? How do you feel about this?’) to make them always feel important and heard, they’re a star that needs to shine. Bewatch, tough: if you have the same need the situation might become too complicated and hard to handle. This city is too small for two lions… 


Find in streaming 500 Days of Summer, learn well the scenes shot at IKEA and then you’re ready to go. For a Virgo, the eye always wants its share, so ask them their thoughts and opinion on your latest purchases, whether it’s furniture, clothes or shoes, make them understand that their voice matters. For the first date with a Virgo choose a quiet restaurant, nicely decorated (!), where you can have a nice conversation. But remember, chew slowly and quietly, otherwise Virgo will leave you to ruminate on your own. 


If you’ve decided to hit on a Libra remember that the people of this sign look for present and close partners (both literally and figuratively), that show their interest and make them feel their presence, that come up with interesting and fun ideas for activities to do together, Libra tends to create symbiosis. It must be clear though that you will always be the one in charge of finding things to do or places to go to, as Libra is completely unable to make decisions. Never say to a Libra ‘I don’t know, you decided’. A tragedy. 


Passion, passion, passion. The secret to conquering a Scorpio is through sex, let yourself go, feel free to try new things and come up with new positions. The biggest flaw (or virtue?) of a Scorpio is jealousy and that’s because they need to surround themselves with mature, non-childish people, that take responsibility for the consequences of their actions. If there’s something that a Scorpio really can’t stand, whether it’s with someone new or with an old flame, is ghosting, they will definitely hunt you down and find you wherever you are, most likely armed. Be careful. 


To impress a Sagittarius start off by describing your most adventurous trip, the most evocative place you’ve ever been to and the countries still on your bucket list. Show yourselves adventurous, curious, open to new challenges and experiences. Exactly, for this reason, the trickiest danger for a Sagittarius is being trapped in a routine, try to be always creative and unexpected. Let a Sagittarius free, they don’t like being controlled. 


On your first date, the Capricorn will check the time of your arrival like the school janitor waiting for the last late kids to close the gate to the school. Synchronize your watch with the Capricorn’s one as they don’t have time to lose, especially with people that don’t know what to do in their life and that are always insecure and undecided. Being a hard-worker for nature, when a Capricorn starts a relationship they do with respect and care towards the other person, and they expect and demand the same behaviour when being dumped. 


I hate being bipolar, it’s awesome. Don’t be surprised if after a nice weekend together (or a nice chat online) Aquarius disappears for a while: as much as they love sharing and being with other people, they also need some quality time for themselves. At the same time, in order to avoid bloodshed, don’t ever try to kiss or show display of affection with an Aquarius in public, in 100% of the cases they will NOT care for it. 


I saw these roses and I thought of you.’ ‘This pic made me think of you’. Pisces appreciate people that make them feel important, they love above all thoughts and little gifts that show how much you care about them (finding the right birthday gift for a Pisces is a tragedy). Even though they are kindhearted, never treat a Pisces as if they were naive or spineless, it only takes a small mistake or a faux pas for the Pisces to leave you and never look back. 


Illustrations by Ilaria Colombo exclusively for nss G-Club